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Early reports surrounding the television contract negotiations between Fox New anchor Megyn Kelly and the network where she worked for twelve years suggested she was vying for upwards of $20 million per year, which FNC was reluctant to pay.

It was certainly understandable that Fox might not want to pay such an exorbitant figure, as her ratings plummeted during 2016’s presidential election season.

As Kelly repeatedly launched unwarranted attacks at Donald Trump, her viewership simultaneously took a dive, making way for other anchors like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson to garner popularity.

However, according to new information released following the Tuesday announcement that Kelly would be leaving Fox for NBC, the salary figure Fox was willing to shell out was actually much higher than the previously reported $20 million.

Aol reports that Megyn Kelly turned down a jaw-dropping $100 million for a four-year contract with Fox without even sending the network a counter-offer. They were prepared to give her $25 million per year.

Do you think Megyn Kelly is worth $100 million? If you ask me, Fox News got the better end of this deal… Leave your thoughts on this report in the comments section!