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President Obama has claimed that ISIS is “contained” and, more recently, that no terrorist has “successfully executed an attack on our homeland.” Reports like this one, though, demonstrate how utterly ridiculous his aforementioned comments really are.

A young, radicalized terrorist has been apprehended in India, where he was planning attacks against westerners as punishment for their presence in Syria and Libya. 25-year-old Mohd Mosiuddin has been arrested and charged with planning an ISIS-style execution of Westerners in Kolkata, India.

Mosiuddin was found to have been planning a knife attack against tourists from the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom as they visited the Mother House, the headquarters of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. The suspect bought his would-be weapon of mass murder – a large knife – shortly before he was arrested.

Officials with the National Investigation Agency in India (NIA) released the following statement:

“Mosiuddin was found involved in furthering the illegal activities of the ISIS in India and Bangladesh and had been in touch with Shafi Armar…and was also linked to the Jamaat- ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) operatives in Bangladesh.”

Armar is a well-known terrorist and native Indian who was radicalized by ISIS. He has, in turn, radicalized others like Mosiuddin by sending them links to jihadi websites.

As Freedom Pundit notes, this confirms that ISIS operatives are planning attacks on Westerners all over the world. While we were lucky to catch this terrorist, we might not be so lucky next time, and we have Barack Obama to thank for that, in large part. Obama’s failed foreign policy, his habit of making excuses for terrorists, and his reputation as a wimp on the world stage, have only emboldened the world’s most brutal terror organization. Thanks, Obama!

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