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Megyn Kelly showed her true colors this election season, repeatedly and inexplicably lashing out at Donald Trump. She clearly never thought that the Republican nominee would actually be elected, buying into the media’s line that her girl Hillary had it in the bag. Boy was she shocked when the American people overwhelmingly voted to make Trump the next President of the United States! Now that it’s all said and done, Kelly has taken to whining that her strategy backfired. It’s pathetic, really.

“All of her time out there saying what a fantastic journalist I am, which she was using because she knew Trump had attacked me, she was using to try to curry favor with certain voting blocs,” said Kelly, referring to the way Hillary Clinton used her public feud with Trump to win the support of women.

“I asked her fifty ways from Sunday to come on this program through everyone I could possibly ask her,” Kelly continued. “She wouldn’t do it. And the reason, I think, was she was scared. But also, her team didn’t want to legitimize Fox News.”

The fact that Hillary used Megyn Kelly and wouldn’t ever even make an appearance on her Fox News program The Kelly File is not surprising at all – Hillary Clinton is a snake. What is surprising, though, is that Megyn Kelly actually thought she could get anywhere by cozying up to the failed Democratic candidate.

Kelly certainly saw the consequence of doing that in the form of plummeting ratings, and now, not only will she never snag an interview with Hillary, but President-elect Trump won’t give her the time of day either. No wonder Fox isn’t too keen on giving her the $20 million salary she has reportedly requested in order to stay at the network.

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