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Though they stood by her side through thick and thin, through scandal after scandal, Hillary Clinton completely abandoned her supporters after losing the presidential election to Donald Trump. The failed Democratic candidate seemingly went into hiding following her embarrassing loss, only resurfacing for staged “run-ins” with her fans and a ritzy banquet for her millionaire donors.

Showcasing just how selfish she truly is, Hillary left her supporters high and dry once again on Christmas. While everyone else was sharing heartfelt messages with their friends and loved ones to mark the occasion, it was crickets from Hillary. She couldn’t even bring herself to tweet “Merry Christmas.”

Freedom Pundit reported:

After her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election last month, Hillary Clinton abandoned her loyal supporters by effectively going into hiding for weeks. Now, it appears that she abandoned them once again on Christmas Day…

Clinton’s supporters are still struggling to accept that she lost to Trump in the election, so they were looking to her for hope and guidance on Christmas Day. Unfortunately for them, she gave them neither of these things, as Clinton failed to tweet anything on Christmas.

Yup, the Democratic presidential nominee didn’t have a single thing to say on Christmas.

How pathetic.

Hillary did tweet out a message to her social media followers on Monday, but the sentiment seemed to fall flat, especially because she still failed to make any mention of Christmas. Looks like somebody got coal in their stocking this year…

This is exactly why Donald Trump wiped the floor with Hillary Clinton this election season, enjoying a massive victory the media and Democrats never saw coming. Hillary is painfully out-of-touch with everyday Americans; she has absolutely no grasp of what matters to them.

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