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The Iranians appear ill-prepared for a clay pot invasion…

An embarrassing (and extremely hilarious) video has surfaced on Twitter which shows members of the Iranian military making complete fools out of themselves.

At a military parade, several men tried to show off their superior strength and prowess by breaking a single clay pot, but none could seem to get the job done.

Ironically, this is something my toddler has managed to accomplish quite frequently, much to the dismay of my outdoor plants.

The soldiers tried roundhouse kicks and backhands, but in the end, the pot survived with barely a scratch on it. It wasn’t even a big pot, guys! C’mon!

First, a soldier can be seen squatting with the clay pot on his head. One of his comrades stands behind him, securing the pot, just for affect. Apparently, this is proper form for clay pot breaking in Iran.

Several attempts at breaking the pot with roundhouse kicks end in dismal failure as the soldier falls to the ground each time. Another man steps in to try, but also embarrasses himself. It’s kind of like a train wreck that you can’t help but watch…

Next, the men move on to backhanding the pot, a technique normally reserved for their women. This, too, ends in complete failure. Perhaps if they had put a burqa on the thing, they would have been able to muster the passion to crack it…

All the while, Iranian military leaders look on in sheer embarrassment. Their reactions might even be the funniest part of the video, which seems like it would make an excellent skit on Saturday Night Live.

Maybe this is why the Iranians are working so hard to acquire nuclear weapons – there’s no way their sorry military would ever stand a chance against ours! What a bunch of pathetic wussies!

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