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After dual Islamic terror attacks – the execution of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, and the slaughter of innocent Germans – Donald Trump condemned radical Islam, which is something Obama has not done during his eight years in office.

“Today we offer our condolences to the family and loved ones of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, who was assassinated by a radical Islamic terrorist. The murder of an ambassador is a violation of all rules of civilized order and must be universally condemned,” stated the President-elect.

“ISIS and other Islamist terrorists continually slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship as part of their global jihad. These terrorists and their regional and worldwide networks must be eradicated from the face of the Earth – a mission we will carry out with all freedom-loving partners,” he added.


Obama’s habit of appeasing radical Islam has only led to a world where terrorism runs rampant. The president’s number one duty is to protect the American people, and he has failed miserably. Ironically, at his final press conference of the year, he tried to claim that “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland,” but we all know how ridiculous that is.

Donald Trump will surely stand up to radical Islam where Obama has failed. He has already proven that Christians can breath easy once again, after having their values persecuted for eight long years. We will all be much safer under his administration, no doubt.

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