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WOW! What snakes! The truth is…who can you even trust anymore if you can’t even trust a site that is suppose to be dedicated to catching lies and confirming truths when it comes to daily news!?

This is wildly insane, yet not surprising. Snopes has always been known as a liberal owned site, but still… to claim to do what they claim to do, and still throw their integrity away when it fits their agenda…YIKES!

That’s bad for business…and bad for the soul.

In September, The Daily Caller News Foundation published an investigative news story that revealed that millions of tax dollars had been sent from the Department of State to a charity created by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter.

Three months later, a Snopes article attempted to cover up the controversy by discrediting The Daily Caller and its investigative findings. However, the news organization has fought back against those claims, which were loaded with factual errors and omissions about the Kerry story.

David Emery, a Snopes writer, criticized The Daily Caller’s reporting, yet never actually presented any evidence to refute its findings. In fact, Emery actually misled his readers about what had been written in the Kerry article.

“CLAIM: Secretary of State John Kerry ‘funneled’ taxpayer money into his daughter’s global charity,” Emery wrote.

However, The Daily Caller never made the claim that it was Kerry himself who funneled the money. Instead, the news organization reported, correctly, that the State Department had sent money to the non-profit run by Kerry’s daughter through the Peace Corps.

In fact, the Peace Corps awarded nearly $9 million of State Department money to Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s nonprofit — Seed Global Health — for a program she established in conjunction with officials from both agencies.

And most of those funds were awarded during Kerry’s tenure as secretary of state.

While The Daily Caller never explicitly reported that Kerry was directly responsible for the funding award, the news organization did bring to light some questions about his relationship to the money, which the Snopes writer attempted to gloss over.

The Peace Corps first awarded funds to Dr. Kerry’s charity in 2012 while her father served on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations as chairman, overseeing the State Department and the Peace Corps, according to Breitbart.

The left wing has always eventually shown their true colors even when they have had the audacity to claim they have good character and care about the truth…it’s just…WOW, this is horrible.

I have a feeling, we’re going to have to rely on discernment in this day and age. You just never know truth otherwise it seems.

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