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Losing a presidential election apparently takes it’s toll!

Hillary Clinton was spotted on her way to a holiday gala for her millionaire donors, and she didn’t look so good…

Even the Daily Mail noticed:

Hillary Clinton was spotted looking rather glum as she arrived at her holiday party in New York, while once-beaming millionaire donors like Anna Wintour dodged cameras. 

A downcast Clinton arrived at New York’s famed Plaza Hotel on Thursday night and was pictured sitting in the back of a black car as it was directed into the hotel’s loading dock garage. 

Vogue editor Anna Wintour hid her face behind a male friend as she walked through the hotel and made her way into the party. 

It is in stark contrast to the beaming attitudes they had during the recent election campaign before Clinton was beaten by Republican Donald Trump…

…As recently as October, Wintour was pictured smiling as she arrived at a Hillary Victory Fund concert in New York wearing a Clinton supporter t-shirt.

Clinton planned the costly party to thank those donors who doled out millions to the Democrat’s presidential campaign.

Clinton’s little shindig cost at least $100,000, which is the going rate for the venue.

I guess I’d be a little perturbed, too, if I had to spend that amount of money to thank a bunch of uptight celebrities for helping me lose an election…