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Concerned over the treatment of black men like Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, Harvard economics professor Roland G. Fryer Jr. commissioned a study to determine how great a factor race is when lethal force is used by the police.

What he found is a direct threat to the narrative of terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter.

Fryer’s study poured over 1,000 police shootings in 10 of the largest police departments in Texas, Florida and California. Incredibly, it showed that when police officers had not been attacked, they were more likely to shoot suspects that were white.

Furthermore, there were an equal number of whites and blacks carrying weapons when they were shot.


Harvard economics profesor Roland G. Fryer Jr.

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” Fryer told The New York Times. “You know, protesting is not my thing. But data is my thing. So I decided that I was going to collect a bunch of data and try to understand what really is going on when it comes to racial differences in police use of force.”

Others would do well to focus on the data instead of the false narrative pushed by the media and various hate groups. Especially because Fryer’s study is not unique; The Washington Post performed similar research which yielded comparable results.

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H/T: Political Reviewer