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Well, folks, now that the Philadelphia recount is over and done, I think it’s safe to say that it was officially the biggest waste of time and money ever!

After all was said and done, Hillary Clinton earned an extra five votes.



Yes, all of it was done for a measly five votes.

Donald Trump’s tally stayed the same, as did Gary Johnson’s and Jill Stein’s.

According to City Commissioner Al Schmidt, the recount turned up no instances of fraud or hacking.

Schmidt also emphasized the difficulty of hacking voting machines that aren’t connected to the internet. (Jill Stein has attributed Donald Trump’s win in part to voter fraud which took place through hacking.)

“We have very primitive voting machines here,” said Schmidt. “Our voting system is only vulnerable to individual cases of voting fraud, as we’ve seen.”

“Whenever it does occur it would be someone going in and voting for somebody else or an election board manually adding votes, which is an entirely different thing than hacking.”