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Donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries have stopped completely since her devastating loss, proving charity was not the motive of thus said donations!

Forget EmailGate, it will most likely be Hillary’s pay-for-play that takes her down and possibly Bill and Chelsea with her. Most experts have been saying that it is a much easier case to prosecute and as well, easier for the American people to understand.

It’s simple: For donations to her charity, many people got faceting and favors. No donation and you are out of luck. Pay-for-play!

Frank Lea points out at Freedom Daily:

The reason Clinton’s alleged pay-to-play days are over is because there’s nothing left to pay for. She won’t be President of the United States, so what will foriegn countries pay for? Clinton will have no say in anything that goes on. She might land a few speech jobs for a six figure payout, but that’s about it. Her foundation was, allegedly, her money funneling black hole in which millions may have found their way in, but didn’t find their way out of the linty pantsuit pockets.

At the very least, after all this time, Bill and Hillary Clinton should buy Monica Lewinsky a new dress. Maybe they can dust the White House desks for Lewinsky’s butt prints and store them in a museum next to Obama’s legacy, which is a fossilized version of healthcare. His Obamacare program caused an extinction level event in the healthcare industry.

I have always believed that Gerald Ford did the right thing with Richard Nixon, saving the country from further chaos over Watergate. On that note I understand Stuart Varney’s feelings about a pardon for Hillary. But Judge Jeanine is right. It really sets up a bad precident for some to be outside the law.

So I have a compromise! Pardon her for Email gate and prosecute her for Pay-for-Play!!