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Prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba “thought it was the end of the world” on election night when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Many even asked their guards for tranquilizers and sleeping pills, because they were so upset.

David Remes, a lawyer for one of the prisoners, told CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan:

“[My client] said that many detainees thought that it was the end of the world and felt terrible and that many detainees asked for tranquilizers, sleeping pills because they were so distraught.”

President Obama has worked to shut down Gitmo entirely and release the dangerous prisoners held there into the US, or back to their countries of origin, which will not adequately monitor them. But with Donald Trump in charge, you can bet these terrorists will remain right where they are.

Kinda hard to feel bad for these guys, isn’t it?

H/T: RedStateWatcher