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Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren has posted a heartfelt video message on her Facebook page to her fans who have been wondering what she will do next.

“I used to always talk to you on Fridays… and I actually miss all of you,” she began. “I’m constantly getting emails asking what I’m going to do. And the truth… I don’t know.”

“The problem is, if you really look around, there’s so many great things to do in life,” she continued. “Bottomline, I have no answer to what I’m going to do. There’s a good chance I’ll go back to the news media, but I just don’t know.”

Van Susteren also noted that she may write a book in the near future, and said that if she returns to the news media, she hopes her fans will follow her to whatever network she makes her new home.

According to Western Journalism, Van Susteren abruptly left Fox News in early September after a financial disagreement arose regarding her contract. Her time slot has been filled by Tucker Carlson.

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