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Fragile snowflakes all across the nation are still whining about how “unfair” it is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, yet Donald Trump won the election. While life isn’t fair, which would be an importune lesson for these little fruitcakes to learn, there is one gigantic problem with their argument that Clinton actually won the popular vote in the first place; that is, she didn’t.

Results from the 2016 presidential election show an even greater landslide victory for Donald Trump when current data showing the massive amount of voter fraud which took place is factored in. More than three million votes were cast by illegal aliens, and most if not all of them voted for Hillary Clinton. This means Trump won the popular vote by more than one million.


Trump also thoroughly destroyed Clinton in Electoral College votes, bringing in a whopping 306 to her 232, or 57% to 43%. He pummeled her in state wins, too, ending up with 30.25 state wins to Hillary’s 19.75, or 61% to 39%. But perhaps the President-elect’s most impressive stats of all are found in his county wins; the billionaire businessman claimed 84% of the US’s 3,083 counties. Impressive!

H/T: American Updater