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International terrorists and homegrown extremists may be targeting holiday shoppers this Thanksgiving, so the FBI is urging Americans to be extra vigilant if they plan to partake in any Black Friday festivities this year.

Anyone attending Thanksgiving Day parades is also warned of heightened danger.

RedStateWatcher reported:

The FBI has also identified shopping malls, special events, and crowded venues in Washington D.C. and Virginia as “target-rich zones,” noting that potential tactics that could be used include guns, homemade bombs, also known as improvised explosive devices (IEDs), or drones equipped with IEDs.

This chilling warning comes just one day after authorities in Brooklyn apprehended 37-year-old Mohamed Rafik Naji, an ISIS-linked legal U.S. permanent resident from Yemen.

He is accused him of planning to run people over with a garbage truck in Times Square.

It may be more safe to get your Black Friday shopping done online this year. Plus, you’ll save a ton of gas and beat the lines!