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Donald Trump won accolades during the debate when he told Hillary during the last debate that he would “Lock her up!”.

He seems to have not quite meant that!

During an interview with CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl, he instead called the Clintons nice people! What?

When Stahl asked Trump about appointing a special prosecutor, he replied:

“I don’t want to hurt them, I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them. And I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 Minutes together.”

One of the warnings that conservatives who were weary of Trump made clear was that he was not going to really do what he promised. It seems that the Stahl interview confirmed some of those fears.

The Chicago SunTimes reports:

In the interview, taped Friday at Trump’s penthouse home in Trump Tower, Trump revealed:

• The wall he wants to build on the Mexican border — his signature campaign pledge — now could have “some fencing.”

• On deporting illegal immigrants, Trump said he will first seek to deport 2 to 3 million immigrants who have criminal records, with the fate of the “terrific people” subject to future determination.

• On Obamacare, which Trump pledged to repeal and replace — now he is open to keeping two popular elements of Obama’s signature health insurance plan, coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and letting parents keep children up to the age of 26 on their policies.

• After a bitter and divisive campaign attacking Obama — and questioning whether he was born in the U.S. — Trump told “60 Minutes” the president is “terrific.”

We will have to see what the year brings of course, but this is not a god start.

But what this really hurts is 2020. If all of his campaign promises become just tools to get elected, a second term is doomed!