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It looks like Colin Kaepernick will play the next 10 games for the San Francisco 49ers and that will most likely be it!

Looks like Colin Kaepernick got more than he bargained for when he disrespected the country that gave him the opportunity that he has squandered.

Soon he’ll need to find somewhere else to play and I have a feeling that he will not find employment easily as he’s made a financial mess for the NFL and behind the scenes, NFL owners are saying he’s “not worth the trouble.”

Scott Osborn at Joe For America reports via USA TODAY:

Kaepernick got the chance to prove he can still be an NFL quarterback Sunday on the road against the lowly Buffalo Bills. Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem, as usual, then trotted onto the field to play:

The Bills promptly kicked his ass 45-16.colinkapernick-1000x404

He still said it felt good to get out there and when asked how Bills fans treated him and the unconfirmed report someone had thrown a bottle at him: “If they did, they don’t have very good aim,” Kaepernick said to laughter. “I had some Bills fans come up before the game to say they support me so I think it all depends on who the person is. But at the end of the day, I’m going to continue to fight for what I’m fighting for.”

The crowd chanted “USA! USA!” in the moments before the anthem, no doubt in anticipation of Kaepernick’s continued snub of the anthem, the flag, the country and the millions of Veteran’s sacrifice which has allowed him to make literally a fortune in this greatest of countries.

Here’s Colin’s answer:

“I don’t understand what is un-American about fighting for liberty and justice for everybody, for the equality that this country says it stands for,” he said. “To me, I see it as very patriotic and American to uphold the United States to standards that it says it lives by.”

Yo – idiot mittens – no one is saying you don’t have the right to protest – in fact, it’s just the opposite: I personally applaud your right to protest because it means our brave military continues to do it’s job, which is to defend the Constitution. But guess what? Colin Kaepernick doesn’t care.


Just like he doesn’t care about the people who gave him the opportunity to become rich and famous and the NFL, which is bleeding fans and advertisers thanks to this ingrate. Why weren’t you protesting BEFORE you signed a $100 million contract? Answer: Because it’s not a principled stand. It’s opportunistic.

Some Background:

Colin Kaepernick and his faux protest has cost the 49ers hundreds of $$Millions of dollars!

The NFL has been forced to Refund Advertisers Because of Historic Low Viewership!

Monday Night Football has hit its lowest viewership EVER as the protests have escalated!

In fact, the NFL’s Monday Night Football lost almost half it’s viewership in the first 2 weeks!

Colin Kaepenick, you blew it! I think you have seen the end of what could have been a productive career…you hate what this country stands for? Well you just lost what this country stands for! Opportunity!

I also have the First Amendment Right and the duty to report on what an ingrateful, dumbass you are. Even this child in the VIDEO below gets it!

He needs to clean up his language a bit tho!

UPDATE:  Kaepernick took out a $7.5 million insurance policy prior to signing his new contract last week, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.

The 49ers purchased a $7.5 million insurance policy for Kaepernick and added an easily attainable $1 million incentive, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The 49ers bought a three-part, $500,000 insurance policy in which Kaepernick is the beneficiary, according to ESPN.

If Kaepernick is hurt to the point where he can’t play next season, he would collect $7.5 million tax-free — a similar total to what he would have received under his previous contract with the injury clause.

Kaepernick, who is making $11.9 million this year, will now carry a player option of $16.5 million for 2017 in his new contract. He will have the opportunity to become a free agent after this season, deciding whether to forgo the guaranteed money with San Francisco for the chance a longer, richer contract.

The new contract change wipes out the remaining four years on Kaepernick’s old deal, including $14.5 million in injury guarantees, according to

Kaepernick, 28, signed a six-year, $114 million contract with the 49ers before the 2015 season. He lost his starting job last year, a season and a half removed from guiding San Francisco to the Super Bowl.