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Trump Accusers Proven To Be Bold-Faced Liars

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From fictitious concert events to ties to the Clinton Foundation, these girls have some explaining to do!

So three women, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, and Mindy McGillivray all have stories to tell. Isn’t it odd that these stories all broke in October of 2016, just weeks prior to the Election?

An even better question: Is there any truth to their accounts of alleged groping or assault from Donald Trump?

One at a time, we will start with Jessica Leeds.

Leeds, who is 74 now, says that Trump groped her on an airplane when she was 38. According to her account, Trump lifted the armrest in the first class cabin of an airplane and touched her breasts, put his hands up her skirt, etc… She said he was like an “octopus,” with his hands all over her.

Many savvy internet readers, like these from Reddit, have questioned her armrest story from the onset. Some are career pilots, who say that armrests like the ones she describes have not existed in first class.

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Leeds told CNN that she has no ties to Hillary Clinton, other than a $5 campaign button that she purchased years ago.

That is interesting, given that a quick internet search of her name reveals a phone number in common with the Clinton Foundation.


She is also the Secretary of the “Altrusa Club,” where she works with two women, Diane Daniels and Julie Klesczcewski. Both can be seen on social media with “Ready for Hillary” posters and selfies with Hillary.


No ties to Hillary, she says? Yeah, right.

Accuser #2 is named Rachel Crooks.

Crooks was featured in a NY Times hit piece and said that Trump kissed her on the mouth without permission.

A friend of Crooks, Lona Bernstein, says that she remembers when Crooks met Donald Trump years ago, and the story that was told back then in no way involved unwanted kissing or even anything of the sort.

Burnstein says of Crooks: “I remember them talking about her meeting him… and her story today doesn’t match the story she told 11 years ago!! She’s definitely lying!”

Burnstein posted the following on Facebook:




She says that Rachel Crooks did not get the modeling career that she tought Trump would help her with, and that she is a “liar” and a “big baby.”

So, what of Accuser #3, Mindy McGillivray?

McGillivray, allegedly, attended a concert a Trump’s Mar-A-Lago with her friend Ken Davidoff about thirteen years ago.

She told The Palm Beach Post:

“All of a sudden I felt a grab, a little nudge. I think it’s Ken’s camera bag, that was my first instinct. I turn around and there’s Donald. He sort of looked away quickly. I quickly turned back, facing Ray Charles, and I’m stunned.’’

McGillivray said she remembers saying to herself, ‘’‘OK, am I going to say something now and make a scene or be quiet?’ I chose to stay quiet.’’

Davidoff said he did not witness the alleged groping but he said he has never had any reason to doubt McGillivray.

Asked about the possibility that what she felt was Trump or someone accidentally bumping into her, McGillivray said no. “This was a pretty good nudge. More of a grab,’’ she said. “It was pretty close to the center of my butt. I was startled. I jumped.’’

She says that Melania Knauss, Trump’s fiancé at the time, was there as well.

Donald and Melania were not even engaged until almost a year after the alleged account.

Secondly, and even worse, the concert never happened!  Not on January 24, 2003, or in 2003 at all!

So there you have it! Three Trump accusers, each with massive holes in their stories, and proven lies.

This is going to get even more interesting, and the Election is still a few weeks away!

h/t to CNN, TruthFeed, Gateway Pundit, GotNews