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Barack Obama was caught flaunting his rigid manhood in an uncovered video of him on the 2008 campaign trail.

CNN seems to have purposely hidden the awkward video to protect the then-future Commander in Chief. It looks like it was not an accident, and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

The clip features Obama seeming to proudly show off his erection to a bunch of giggling female reporters. He even gave them a full 360-degree display of his manhood while they cheer him on.

See the video:

PJ Media Reports:

Seems we may have uncovered a few more details about CNN’s behavior in possibly covering up this video.

Back in 2008, at least a portion of the below video of Obama flaunting himself did appear on CNN’s website.

However, no media coverage made any reference to lewdness. There was just reference to the unremarkable news that Obama was … wearing jeans.

CNN captioned the clip with only what follows, which Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit took note of at the time:

“Obama in jeans: Sen. Barack Obama surprises the press corps by wearing jeans.”
It appears that the portion of the video that would have created a firestorm had been circumsized by CNN editors.

This link to the video, as it appeared on CNN’s site at the time, was included in Allahpundit’s post:
That link is no longer active.

Neither is this one, which purportedly linked to the CNN video that had been uploaded to YouTube:

The liberal media has a severe double standard. Donald Trump has bragged about his conquests and it is coming back to haunt him. The media is correct in telling the story. All is fair in love and war. But when it is a liberal, the media works overtime to protect and hide! They have also worked hard over the years to cover-up ex-President Bill Clintons torrid behavior.

Just get it right media. The behavior of elected servants are fair game…just be fair.