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YouTube star Joey Salads is known for his social experiments, and the most recent one certainly takes the cake. He hit the streets to see if he would get a different reaction for holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign in white neighborhood than he got while holding an “All Lives Matter” sign in a black neighborhood. He wasn’t prepared for what followed…

In the white neighborhood, while most passersby clearly did not agree with Salads’ “Black Lives Matter” message, they responded calmly, or not at all. Some laughed and kept walking on their way, others expressed their differing opinion, but there was no violence. Salads was even able to engage in a civil and mature conversation with one man, who argued that all lives are important, and we should not be segregating one group.

“People may not support the cause, but they’re not getting aggressive,” said Salads. “To me, it doesn’t seem racist to not support Black Lives Matter and just to support All Lives Matter, by the way these people are talking and what they’re saying to me. Don’t segregate yourself into groups, we’re all people. People’s live matter.”

Then he went to the black neighborhood…

Instantly, Salads was in grave physical danger. His sign was vandalized and people came out of nowhere to gang up on him in a pack. They appeared completely incapable of having an intelligent conversation without the threat of violence. Before long, Salads was sent running for his life.


Honestly, this guy is lucky to still be alive. We’ve seen white people beaten to a bloody pulp for simply expressing their support for law enforcement or saying that it is racist to quantify the importance of someone’s existence by their skin color. Truly, Black Lives Matter should be classified as a hate group. You need only to view the above video to understand why.