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Recently The Miami Dolphins followed Colin Kaepernick’s stupidity and decided to refuse to stand for the national anthem.

The Broward County Sheriff’s office has decided to refuse to protect the Dolphins!

3 cheers for the Sheriff’s office! Hip hip hooray – Hip hip hooray – Hip hip hooray!

President of the International Union of Police Associations, Jeffrey Bell said,

“Until further notice, I respectfully ask all members of law enforcement not to work any detail associated with the Miami Dolphins unless ordered to do so. Again, I would also respectfully ask the Broward Sheriff’s Office to refuse any security details associated with the Miami Dolphins until such time the Miami Dolphin organization mandates a code of conduct for their players during all sanctioned events.”

The Miami Herald reported the local police union is behind the Sheriff’s Office and will not be doing any escorting either.

Jeffry Ball also responded to the idiocy:

I can not fathom why the Miami Dolphin organization and the NFL would allow the blatant disrespect of the American Flag and what it stands for during the national anthem. It is a privilege to play in the NFL, not a given constitutional right. The Miami Dolphin players, staff and family members enjoy full police escorts from the Broward Sheriff’s Office on a regular basis. These escorts often involve putting the men and women of law enforcement agencies at risk as they block intersections during peak traffic times in order to expedite the travel time between facilities.

I cannot fathom it either Mr. Bell! Number one, this action is not a protest. What they are doing on their employers clock is a lazy 3 minute antic!

It has angered a plethora of NFL fans and has cost the franchises MILLIONS!

If these idiots were serious, they would do a real protest! One that takes time and effort! One that means standing on your feet for hours holding a sign day after day!

They are taking the easy way out…and in doing so have made a fool of the NFL. Oh well!