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There is a growing danger for the old fashioned Pizza Boys as black thugs have killed 7 white pizza boys in the last 2 years.

Of course all the players that like to exploit crime for an agenda are silent. Seem’s it does not fit that agenda.

Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Hillary… none of them have said a peep!


Over the last two years, the following murders have taken place:

3/24/15 – Michael Price, 36, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizzas in New Orleans

2/22/15 – Alexander William Burkart, 22, was stabbed to death by two black males while delivering pizzas in Mt. Clemens, MI.

12/2/14 – Robert Caudill, 26, was shot and killed, by a black male, while delivery pizzas in Lorain, Ohio.

10/29/14 – James Crabtree, Jr., 45, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizza in Columbus, OH. The suspect is only 16.

10/21/14 – Gordon Schaffer, 22, was shot and killed while working at a pizza shop in Columbia, TN. A 17 year old black male has been charged.

9/22/14 – Richard Yeager, 35, was shot and killed while delivering pizzas in New Orleans, LA. The suspects are two 16 year old black males that were already wearing court mandated ankle bracelets.

7/9/14 – William O’Neill, 46, was killed while delivery pizzas in San Antonio, TX. A black male ran him over with his own car.

The mainstream media and the left continue to remain on the racial divide bandwagon. They are convinced of the misguided idea that blacks are being killed by whites at an alarming rate in America.

True stories like these go unnoticed.

The Conservative Tribune reported on the murder of Alexander William Burkart:

It was just another routine day in Mount Clemens, Mich., for Burkart, 22, who worked as a pizza delivery driver. When he made a stop to deliver a couple of pizzas to Jayvon Cates and Deandra Arnold, getting stabbed to death was probably the last thing on his mind.

Cates and Arnold, who were described as local “gangbangers,” reportedly stabbed Burkart several times before he was able to escape in his car. However, police soon discovered Burkarts vehicle crashed on the side of the road with Burkart lying dead inside, apparently from his stab wounds.