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Over the years, many clips have surfaced of some of the greatest in Hollywood, poking jokes at the Democrat party and liberals.

Bob Hope, John Wayne, Archie Bunker, Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies and many more had some pretty funny digs against the Democrats and liberals in general that have sprung up on the internet.

I have collected a handful of the best for your viewing pleasure!

Who can forget the great Bob Hope comparing Democrats to zombies. Bob Hope was one of the funniest comedians ever.

Granny ( Irene Ryan) gives Republicans and Democrats of the isle a hard time in this great exchange with the great Buddy Epsen:

Of course, the most politically incorrect show ever, Archie Bunker, gave the great Carroll O’Connor many opportunities to rail against Democrats, with this clip being the most famous:

The Duke was well known to be a fine conservative patriot, outspoken on is love for his country. In this interview conducted by Tony Macklin in 1975. He says he was surprised to find he was a “right-wing, conservative extremist! He really lets the liberals of the 70’s have it on free speech!

Of course, could we include Hope, Wayne, Bunker and Granny, and not include the actor that became the greatest president of our times?

Over the years, many clips have surfaced of some of the greatest in Hollywood, poking jokes at the Democrats and liberals.

Ronald Reagan could even make Democrats laugh with his jokes against liberals! Sure miss him! We could use him right now!

Then of course, while not very old, there is THIS! One of the funniest and hard hitting comedy routines of all time, Clint Eastwood and Obama’s empty chair!

Actor and director Clint Eastwood made the day at the Republican National Convention as a mystery speaker. He staged a mock conversation with President Obama using an empty chair. The routine sparked a movement where conservatives all over the country put empty chairs out in their front yard to make a statement.

This election cycle has definitely been different than any before. I hope this collection made you laugh!