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So many rumors are swirling today, four days before Super Tuesday II on March 15! Some are despicable, others are illogical, and still others are plausible.

As I have said in other commentaries, I am a Trump Supporter. But I will vote against the Democrat, whoever it is, in November. I don’t dislike Ted Cruz; I would love to see him as Donald Trump’s running mate.

So, to the rumors.

First, to the illogical. It is rumored that Marco Rubio is telling his supporters to vote for John Kasich in Ohio, so that Kasich might have a chance to win and defeat Trump in one of the two winner-take-all contests, where candidates from their own states are running as “Favorite Son” candidates. That is like a baseball player swinging at the first three pitches intended to intentionally walk him with the bases loaded in order to give the pitcher a chance to be in the record books. It doesn’t make sense.


Next, the plausible. Ted Cruz has “apparently” stopped campaigning in Florida and Ohio to give Rubio and Kasich a chance to win their home states and beat Donald Trump. The plausible part actually is that Cruz realizes he will lose badly in both states, and by not campaigning, instead he will concentrate his efforts and money on North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois. This actually makes sense, because there is no one from those states running and he would have a better than even chance, no matter what the polls say.

Finally, to the despicable. It was recently rumored that Mitch McConnell was manipulating the rules to try to steal away the nomination from Trump by aggressively working behind the scenes to change GOP convention rules to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination no matter how many delegates Trump has or how many people voted for him.

If Trump wins the nomination fair and square via the Primary and Caucus system currently in place, that should be the end of it. If McConnell and his corrupt crew of PRINOe (Progressive Republican In Name Only Establishment) swine were to succeed in stealing the nomination from Trump and our long-held principle of the people picking their leaders instead of the Party Elitists, then the Republican Party would be as corrupt as the Democrat Party with its undemocratic concept of “super-delegates”.

My original commentary was going to be to the candidates to not allow the media control the conversation concerning a “brokered” convention. But, this actually is more important. It screams corruption. I would think these rumors, especially the third one, would make people with integrity, including the candidates, stand up and agree this is despicable.

Please join me in telling the Republican Elite to stop freaking destroying what might be left to any resemblance to a Republican Party and the two party system.