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As of this morning, Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz by 458 to 359 in the delegate count. That puts The Donald more than a third of the way to the required 1,237 delegates to be win the nomination.

After this coming Tuesday, when both John Kasich and Marco Rubio gloriously lose their home states, it will be a two-man dog race. Good.

Then, in the weeks to come, the two remaining candidates will set their sight on the ultimate prize, without having to deal with also-rans. A one-on-one debate on the real issues between these fine men will be what we need, without innuendo, insinuation and other unimportant minutiae, to give journalists nonsense to spew to the listener or reader.

As you know, I have been a Trump supporter right from the time he announced. I was lukewarm toward Cruz, seeing him as the best of an overcrowded, but ultimately, unqualified lot. I still like Ted Cruz, but I like Donald Trump more. He has energized a base that felt like its voice was silenced, probably since noon on January 20, 1989.

As you also know, on September 1, 2015, I wrote a commentary called Trump/Cruz – A Win For the Constitutionwhere I outline the reasons I believe this would be a winning formula for November and beyond. I still believe that.


Lately, there has been a movement of sorts across social media by those Republicans, Conservatives and Independents who do not like Donald Trump and oppose both his nomination, and election, called #NeverTrump. I can assure you that, provided she doesn’t get indicted, this will all but guarantee the election of Hillary Clinton as President. Is that what you want? I do not!

Let me refresh you about the 2012 election, folks.

As you may recall, that campaign went on for months. Mitt Romney, the person I was favoring and voted for, was bloodied and out of money by the time the convention was over. I was hoping he would have been able to catch his breath, but the Barack Obama/Candy Crowley tag team proved to be too much.

In addition, as a result of Hurricane Sandy, Governor Chris Christie, a speaker at the convention, became Obama’s new best friend. Whether he intended to or not, understand that to many people, “perception is reality” (Lee Atwater) and that reality was Christie dissing Romney to get federal disaster money from Obama.

Also, on Election Day, many people throughout the country were mad because “their guy”, was not the nominee and this moderate was. So they stayed home. This assured the re-election of Obama because petulant conservatives and Republicans could not bring themselves to hold their noses and vote for Romney. Trust me, I have held my nose many times and pushed the lever for the lesser of two evils. And I am sure you have, too.

So, let’s all stop with this childish behavior, shall we? It does not become any of you to act like you are acting, as if to pick up your marbles and go home if you don’t get your way.

Understand this. The reason Donald Trump is doing so well is a reaction to the crooks and idiots we have kept re-electing, knowing that they would do what THEY WANTED when they got in, not what THEY PROMISED they would do. And still do not.

This is why I am voting for Trump and I am hoping he will be smart enough to pick Ted Cruz as his running mate. It is a perfect ticket on so many levels, which I will share in a future commentary. And if you can’t bring yourself to vote FOR Trump, hold your nose, push that proverbial lever next to his name and vote AGAINST Clinton. She certainly has no business running for President. Hopefully, she will be, instead, running for Trustee of Cell Block Six in Leavenworth.

I think it is about time that you join me, stand up, and yell as loudly as you can, “I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.”