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The Hypocrisy of Obama Supporters



I saw yet another pro – Obama meme on Facebook which said “Proud of My President – Ashamed of His Treatment”. Really?  Did you hypocrites defend Bush as vehemently? After all, HE was YOUR President, too.

Or is it only Democrat – Socialist Presidents you defend? If that’s the case, it says you have a very low patriotic values system.

To give you all the benefit of the doubt, I am going to say that you still defend this unconstitutional son of a bitch because you can’t believe YOU would be so stupid to vote for him twice. That makes your judgement for people who actually love this country and the Constitution suspect.

Trust me when I say this: I fully expect to lose some friends for this. And if you think it matters to me, I will tell you that my self-integrity is more important to me than any “friend” who will “unfriend” me for expressing my beliefs.

At least I can say that I voted for Bush twice, and by the middle of 2005, I was criticizing him for his questionable decisions. He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but at least he understood he had to go through the Congress to get things done. And I still criticized him.

I have a challenge for all of you to consider. If it is ok for Obama to violate the Constitution whenever he feels like it with his Executive Orders because he believes the Congress won’t act on his potential legislation, will it be ok for the next President to violate the Constitution by undoing all of Obama’s Executive Orders? If you say no, then you should be joining me in calling for Obama’s impeachment. This action is only permitted when Congress is not in session, and only in matters of foreign affairs. Otherwise, he is acting UNCONSTITUTIONALLY.

He is violating the Constitutional premise of Separation of Powers each time he signs an Executive Order. He is NOT PERMITTED to legislate. That is the job of the Congress. And if the Congress does not want to legislate a request from the President, that is its prerogative. Members of Congress will face the voters for those decisions.

He can stick his phone and his pen right up his unconstitutional and illegal @$$.

So, if you chose to “unfriend” me, well, it has been real, but I will lose no sleep over it. I will still have MY integrity, even if you do not.

And if President Clinton or Cruz or Trump violates the Constitution by issuing Executive Orders, trust me, I will be calling for his or her Impeachment as much and as loudly as I am now for Obama’s.  And when you are joining me then, I will call you out for what you are: Hypocrite.

I hope you can sleep with yourself.