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Minimum Wage and Critical Thinking 101



The left wing politicos, like Governor Andrew “Kennedy” Cuomo of New York, are yelling again about raising the minimum wage. That’s just great.

Except for one thing that he and all the other jerkweeds running their mouths off don’t understand. They apparently are showing they never took an Economics class or a Psychology class, even in High School.

That’s right, folks. When you raise the minimum wage on an entry level position, like a cashier at Home Depot, or a burger flipper at Mickey D’s, you are screwing the person who has worked at that company and earned MERIT increases.

Let me put it in the simplest terms that any [email protected]$$ can understand. Suppose you were hired at $10 an hour, which was the minimum wage at the time. You are there for two years and over that time, you received $2.50 per hour each year for your performance, productivity and loyalty to the company. You go to work tomorrow and the minimum wage is now raised to $15 per hour.

Your company now is required to hire an unskilled, unknown person at that new $15 per hour and you, as the senior person, are asked to train him or her. You are a smart person and can figure out that this person is now earning the same money you busted your gut to get. And, your company is not required to increase your salary proportionally.

Do you feel a little resentful? If you say no, then you are full of $#!+, because anyone with half a brain would. It’s human nature.

The big box companies don’t really feel the impact if you leave, because they will hire someone else to do your job. Maybe not as good as you, but to them, it is about a warm, breathing body on the floor who can say to a customer, “can I help you?

As for the “Mom and Pop” businesses, well, they will just work with less in order to keep salaries to a minimum. Pop will open and Mom will close, and Johnny or Jane won’t be hired.

And now, here you are, on the unemployment line. If you quit, in New York, there is no check for you; and if you were fired for cause, for example, if you argued with the boss about this inequity, well, there is no check for you, either. You are, as they say, $#!+ out of luck.

So, our “leaders” like Cuomo, Obama, and others who never held a “job”, but instead, flourished in a taxpayer-funded “career”, have shown they don’t understand this basic tenet in human nature. In a “job”, a worker, not a shirker, works hard for her reward, which is his annual merit raise. And by the way, a JOB means you are Just Over Broke. The worker tries hard to get to the next level, but our government idiots don’t get this because they never really worked in a real JOB.

And, to all you fools, who cheer on the government jerkweeds for their soundbites, well, you will be rewarded by getting screwed because the entry level person will now be making the same money as you. Isn’t that just terrific!

Just remember this: a minimum wage and an entry level position are there to get you started on something more productive. It isn’t meant to be a career choice, unless you always wanted to flip a burger or wash a car for your entire life.

The next time someone in government screams about raising the minimum wage, maybe instead of screaming along with him, perhaps you should employ the critical thinking you are truly capable of using. By following along like the rest of the sheeple, you will only prove you have no brain at all. You demonstrated to your employer you were the right person to be in that “no-go” job.

Then, you deserve to be screwed, and you can only blame yourself.