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BOMBSHELL: Marco Rubio’s Alleged Mistress Comes Forward



Looks like Marco Rubio has been fooling around with a Washington, DC lobbyist. This was discovered as people dug through his sketchy finances. I will remind you that Rubio accused Cruz of making the US unsafer and aiding the terrorists because Cruz insists that the intelligence agencies adhere to the Constitution. Then Rubio ran false ads in Iowa against Cruz and is having to pull them. Is this the kind of guy we want as president? I don’t think so. It looks like this is being leaked from multiple sources now. Rubio’s run is just about done.

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From Qpolitical:

As the 2016 primary continues, more leaders of the political establishment are lining up behind Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). His campaign isn’t close to Donald Trump’s in the polls, but Rubio has benefitted from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s failures.

But now, a new investigation by a South Carolina insider lets us know that a “mistress bombshell” is about to explode! Multiple sources are confirming Marco Rubio allegedly had an affair, and it’s a Washington, D.C. lobbyist.

Supposedly, will soon see her picture everywhere! If true, this changes the landscape of the 2016 GOP primary:

Details of the forthcoming scandal are not yet clear, although the allegation involving Rubio and the female lobbyist is reportedly being leaked to “multiple mainstream media outlets” this week.

FITS showed the webpage we were provided to a presidential operative in early-voting South Carolina. This operative – who has worked on more than one presidential campaign during the current election cycle – confirmed that the woman on the webpage was “a focus” of opposition research against Rubio, however they declined to elaborate on what was uncovered.

All the operative would say was that the woman was identified by researchers during a deep dive into Rubio’s disastrous personal finances.

Trump doesn’t have to attack his competitors – they do themselves in nicely. If this proves to be true, you can write Rubio off the list of potential nominees. He’s cooked. Rubio has been vying for third place with Ted Cruz. In fact, in a number of polls now, Cruz is in second. I don’t know who is digging this up on Rubio… naturally, I would suspect Jeb Bush, but they claim to know nothing of it. According to the Daily Mail, Marco Rubio’s PAC spent more than $40,000 trying to debunk the whispers that had long haunted the Florida Republican: that he had a ‘zipper problem,’ mistresses and a love child. Two prominent Bush allies were fingered by Buzzfeed as the voices behind the anti-Rubio whisper campaign. The first was Ann Herberger, a Miami-based political fundraiser who switched teams from Rubio to Bush. The second was a more prominent face in national political circles: CNN commentator Ana Navarro. ‘They were circulating the rumors anew among donors and politicos and cautioning them to exercise due diligence before signing on with his campaign,’ wrote Coppins. Rumors are swirling… we’ll see if there is any fire where this smoke is, but Rubio looks to be in big doodoo.

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