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The Islamization of Europe (and the World)



There was an interesting article in Conservative America Online which overviewed the European countries which will be Islamic Republic within the next twenty years. Each country is broken down by demographics, including race, ethnicity, religion and other factors. It is interesting to note that only one of the former Warsaw Pact nations, like Russia, Poland, Romania, etc., is included in this study.

I know many people will argue that it is impossible for less than five percent of the population of each of the countries cited could force such a change in the type of country or form of government each country enjoys. I will explain why it is possible in just a bit. Just keep in mind that history, if left unchecked, has an uncanny way of repeating itself when no one is watching.

The European Union is “borderless” entity which allows for free travel within the entirety. In addition, it is so large, its outlying borders are difficult to guard. After all, who will pay for it and who will provide the troops to do so? It reminds me a bit like the first Roman Empire, don’t you agree? The influx of “refugees” from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East grows larger each day, and astonishingly, it is about 75% male between the ages of 15 to 45. There are no old people making the trek, and very few women and young children.

But I digress.

I believe it is appeasement, hoping for peace and tranquility, which allows for the European Union to kneel before the Crescent. It is eerily a repeat of Britain and France, two ultimately spineless countries, which kept giving in to Nazi Germany in the late 1930s.

This was amazing, considering that only seven or eight percent of all Germans were Nazis. The major reason why the remainder of the German populace followed Hitler like sheep was that he was elected to the Office of Chancellor on a promise to keep the peace. And for years, he did.

He essentially unilaterally tore up the Treaty of Versailles by mobilizing the German Army in violation of that treaty. Since the US, a signer of the treaty remained isolationist by not participating in the League of Nations, the bulwark of the treaty, Hitler felt he had free reign to do whatever he wished to build a Greater Germany. He knew that Britain and France did not have the stomach for war within twenty years of the last one. And he knew he had the support of the people, especially since he was able to annex Austria without a whimper from the British and the French.

Hence, Munich, Polish invasion, World War II.

Fast forward seventy years.

The same mentality exists in Europe as it did back then. The initial immigration from Islamic lands to the former colonial powers began during and after WWII as the people found that the governments which replaced the colonial masters were not governments which treated the masses with benign neglect as the colonialists did. Instead, these were and are autocratic dictatorships.

Those people who want refugee status are bringing their lifestyles, religions and mindsets with them. Initially, the EU welcomed them because it was seen as cheap labor (sound familiar?). But, as the Muslim population grew, the demands for “more rights” and submissive acceptance by the Europeans grew louder, and since the UN is predominately an entity controlled by Islamic countries in the General Assembly, their demands were heard and Europe was forced to listen.

With the re-election of Obama in the United States, who realized that he would not face consequences for his actions, the US became the biggest proponent for the Islamic movement throughout the world, including Europe. Europe has now cowered to the will of less than 5% of its populace because the nations which comprise the EU have finally recognized that by creating their monster in the 1990s to compete economically with the US, they have abrogated their identities as free and independent countries.

When you factor in the lack of security to cross from one country to another, the nomadic Islamists have the ability to appear larger and stronger in each country until the country which is dealing with the demands acquiesces with little fanfare and courage to stand up to the pressure.

But now, in addition to Britain and France, the Nazi appeasers who laid the groundwork, you now add post-war Germany, a  once robust, democratic and economically viable country to the list of Muslim appeasers, which is led by a person who was raised in Communist East Germany. Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and the de facto head of the EU since at least 2008.

As with the Nazis of Germany in the 1930s, the Islamists need to reach a population size of more than 5% to be able to withstand Christian opposition, on the continent of the Cross. Soon enough, the twelve countries cited will bow to the will of the minority because there is little to no resistance now to stop them. Then, the movement to the Western Hemisphere will begin.

In many states and cities in the US, there are conclaves of communities which are now controlled by Muslims. It is only a matter of time when we will see the beginnings of a Muslim takeover here. It has begun, and each day, those here are becoming more emboldened.

I don’t think it will take twenty years to conquer Europe; I believe it has almost been accomplished. Instead, I believe in less than twenty years, possibly closer to ten years, the US may look like Europe does now.

I pray to God I am wrong.