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Donald Trump Plans Yuuuge Moon Project!



The Trump presidential campaign has announced a new space project as part of his pledge to “Make America Great Again.” The Trump Luna Largo master plan envisions a multi-billion dollar resort that will “re-energize America’s flagging space program” said Mr. Trump at a press conference held at his New York City flagship property. “I am a master builder. It will come in on time and under budget. And our competitors in space- the European Union, Russia, China and upstarts North Korea and Iran, will pay” he vowed. The master plan also calls for a fleet of Galaxy Class space cruisers to ferry guests from Mr. Trump’s existing properties to the new hideway when they feel “that special need to get away”. Signature lighting will allow our planet’s closest neighbor to emit a warm ambience, and the project is expected to be visible from earth to the naked eye.

In a related development, the Obama Administration announced its opposition to the plan, citing its potential to accelerate Climate Change and interfere with the proper regulation of the tides, the control of which is one of the signature achievements of Mr. Obama’s time in office.

Image Credits: Alfredo Garcia Jr (The Moon) and Michael Vadon (The Donald)