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The Mockery to Us All



I have come to the conclusion that these debates, on both sides of the aisle, are a waste of time. There is no journalistic integrity left by any network, whether it is Fox, CNBC, or any other cable or major network.

I think it is time for the RNC to cancel all these network-controlled debates and instead put together a balanced panel of real journalists. Then put it on a neutral site like C-SPAN. If the powers who run the networks don’t like it, tough $#!+. Same with the Democrat debates. In that way, softball questions will not be lobbed to Hillary or Bernie Sanders, nor will any alleged “journalist” be able or more importantly, be ALLOWED to spin an agenda for or against the candidates.

Last night, the panelists of CNBC tried so hard to make all the candidates look like buffoons. Instead, Senators Cruz and Rubio, and to a lesser extent, Dr Carson and others had to continually debate the “moderators” rather than each other, as they fended off questions challenging their integrity.

You know what? I am tired of party hacks on both sides pretending to be journalists. They are truly ruining a once-honorable profession. They are all whores to their bosses who have, themselves, ingrained themselves and sucked up to the power teat party agendas.


In 2006, the late, great Robin Williams starred in movie called Man of the Year, a political movie which smacked both major parties for their hypocrisy and do-nothingness. There was this scene where Tom Dobbs, Robin’s character, was invited to the final debate because he was running so strong as an unaffiliated independent, the “Debate Commission” had no choice but to invite him.

He finally was fed up with the “bob-and-weave” answers by both candidates evading and avoiding to answer moderator Faith Daniels’ questions, running, instead, through their talking points and she allowing this to happen. He went on a tear, smacking both candidates for their hypocrisies and evasion. She said to him that he “was making a mockery of this process,” to which he replied that “it was a mockery long before I got here.”

No matter, my friends, which side your leanings might be, if you are a fair-minded individual, you need to see that the current debate system is not fair. No Democrat candidate will ever be seen on Fox, because the DNC recognizes that Fox would tear into its candidates, unfairly, much like CNBC tried to tear, last night, into the Republican candidates.

It truly is ironic how art imitates life, and life imitates art. Maybe it is because one is real and one is surreal. But which is what? Or is it, what is which?

Either way, to paraphrase Tom Dobbs aka Robin Williams, it was a mockery before I wrote this. And, that, sadly, makes it the mockery to us all.