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Donald Trumps Them All



What is with the Republican candidates defending, complimenting and generally  kissing the @$$ of Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama?  Because Donald Trump doesn’t? And because Donald Trump didn’t correct or chastise the questioner the other day when he prefaced his question by the statement that Obama was a Muslim?

In my day, this would be called brown – nosing because their noses are so far up his @$$ as they try to kiss it, it is actually disconcerting.

According to an article in Red Flag News via Breitbart, Jeb Bush is so far up his own @$$ while he is kissing Obama’s, by calling him a Christian and an American, and claiming his own Conservative Principles.

Really? That’s like calling Louis Farrakhan Jewish, which anyone with a brain knows he is huge anti-Semite. But then, we all know Little Jebbie is a [email protected]$$. Especially because he thinks he is conservative. I guess Bernie Sanders is, too

Obama is nothing but disrespectful to the Republican Party at large and to the candidates presently running for its nomination. Unlike the LSM, I believe all people who are in leadership positions or desire to be, for either party are fair game. Even the couple of candidates who I happen to favor.

If you have read any of my recent columns, you will see that I have said all of the Democrat candidates and all but three of the Republican candidates are part of our economic, political, and/or foreign relations problems because either at the Federal, state or local levels,  their hands are deep into the doo doo.

Including Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush,


Jindal, Christie, Sanders, Malloy, Warren, Pataki, Walker and ALL THE REST.

Except, Carson, Fiorina and Trump. Why? Well, first of all, they have NEVER been in any government level position. For me, this is an important point. They did not create the mess, therefore, they are not responsible for it. I would trust any of these three to clean it up more than ANY [email protected]$$ who had any part of crapping all over us and our country.

So I have no love lost for anyone who prefers to stick their noses up Obama. None. Nada. Niende! The more everyone gangs up on Donald Trump, the more I am convinced he must be the right man for the job. He has been direct, forthright and politically incorrect, basically, a breath of fresh air in the midst of the look and smell from all the @$$-kissing going on by Jeb and all the rest.

Yes, he has been impolite at times, but if someone wants to be President of the United States, don’t you think you need to be willing to be able to be strong while your looks are questioned? Do you really think our old pal Vlad will be caring about our next President’s feelings when he castigates him or her?

So, enough of the BS. If you can’t stand the name calling, perhaps you should pick up your Mary Jane shoes, your sun bonnets and your jacks, and go home. If you think this is bad, just wait until Angela Merkel tells you that you are full of $#!+. What will you do then? Cry?

We already have one of those in the House named John Boehner, who is the Weeper of the House. We don’t need a President who will cry in stereo to the Weeper.

Keep at it, Donald. Make sure you make men out of these little boys. As for Carly, you keep smacking Hillary. In the end, you will be rewarded in a Trump Administration with a plum Cabinet post, like Commerce. And Ben, so will you. I see you as either HHS Secretary or Surgeon General. Either will be an improvement to the current Obama lackey. And Ted, I think you will be a great Vice President, since you truly are the only one who understands the Constitution.

For the rest of you, go away; you all make me sick.