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Economic Armaggedon Is On the Horizon



As reported by USA TODAY and other print, electronic and digital media, the Federal Reserve decided today to keep interest rates near zero percent for the foreseeable future. Please read the link provided for your review,  Fed Int Rates.

Of course, the media and the Fed want to spin this inaction, as it surely is, to have us believe the Fed doesn’t want to slow down the “rapidly increasing employment rate”. Really? Is that what this is, an increase in employment?

How about being truthful for a change and finally admit that the economy really sucks? There are more people who have fallen off the Unemployment line and are unable to find jobs out there, than at any time since CARTER was President.

What a surprise! The two worst Presidents in American History have given us the worst true economies in our history. At least with Carter, the media and the Fed told the truth. For Obama, these failures to truth in America are STILL kissing his @$$! Outstanding!!

And, by the way, the economy is truly so tenuous at this time, that if that genius, Janet Yellen, pushed for even a quarter of a percent increase to a rate of one half percent annualized, employers would be forced to layoff people because their Fed-tied borrowing costs would increase. Then, truth be told, the unemployment rate would increase and a snowballing decline in a propped up economy would roll downhill.

The Stock Market, which has been supported by the weakest stilts it ever had, would crash. The events we saw at the end of August and early September would be nothing compared to what would befall it and us. 401-k’s and other stock – tied investments would be in the toilet within ten days or sooner. Oh, how we forgot the lesson of March, 2000 so fast!

Any 11th or 12th grade Economics student could tell you all this in a heartbeat. But, Fed Chairman Yellen has decided to weaken those stilts even more because no one wants to suck it up and face the reality that we are teetering at the edge of a cliff which may even crack and fall into the pit of economic armaggedon.

Then, who will be at fault? I know!!! Let’s blame Bush… yeah, that’s the ticket!

Folks. Face it. No one in our government has the damnedest clue what they are doing. They are all failures and they are dragging us all down the precipice to economic ruin. It has to be stopped.

There are a bunch of fools running in both parties who are now and have been part of this problem. There are two or three people in the Republican side who have NOT contributed to this mess either at the Federal or State level, and none of them are named Bush. On the Democrat side, they ALL have contributed to the mess.

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As it was necessary in 1980, it is time, once again, to elect someone who is NOT in government. Ronald Reagan, while he was Governor for eight years in California, because of his experience in private life, understood as we do, that “government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.”

It is still true today. The chaos we are facing is the proof in that pudding. It is time for REAL CHANGE, not the nightmare we have suffered through for almost SEVEN YEARS.

And today, Janet Yellen piled right on to more of the same proven failure.