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Trump/Cruz – A Win For the Constitution



This has been the Summer of Trump, which began really in June with his announcement to run for President as a Republican, and has continued unabated right up to today. He has been a focal lightening rod this year, as Sarah Palin was in 2008 and continues to be today.

Donald Trump is patriotic and cares for his family, as well. But he is blunt, direct and doesn’t care what we think of him.

The media was ready to crown Jeb Bush as the Republican nominee, much as they were ready to anoint Hillary Clinton. But then, The Donald decided he wasn’t ready to sit by and let either event happen without throwing in his two cents (or billions of dollars) into the mix.

Donald Trump has shown that he doesn’t care a wit about political correctness and is able to stand up to all comers who wish to try and shoot him down.

Most recently, he had Jorge Ramos thrown out of a press conference because this alleged reporter from Univision tried to take over Trump’s spotlight. I guess that didn’t work out too well for Senor Ramos. He was shown the door and when he was finally allowed back in, he came in with his tail between his legs, certainly reprimanded and contrite.

The next day, of course, he tried to spin a different story on the morning shows, with the various hosts sympathetic to his claims of abuse, but Americans and Latinos knew that he was full of $#!+. Donald put him firmly in his place, and he has, in spite of his own self-aggrandizement, become a gnat on the butt of the bull.

The other Republican candidates, except for Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, have become also-rans for the Republican nomination. And both these men, and Carly Fiorina,  have been smart and savvy enough to say nice things about Trump while the other fools are stepping all over themselves to make idiotic remarks about The Donald.

Back in May, I wrote a commentary called West/Fiorina – The Whys and Whereforeswhere I discussed my reasons for a West/Fiorina ticket. Allen West has made it clear he does not want the job, and Carly, while having surpassed several other candidates, is not as strong as I thought she would have become.

Donald Trump, a man with a lot of nerve has hit a few in those people in both parties, both for and against him. I believe there are many more who are for much, if not all, of what he speaks to. He is NOT the racist or misogynist the liberal, [email protected]$$kissing media is trying their damnedest to portray him. And the majority of Americans, in spite of the LSM spin, get it.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump will be making a joint appearance, tentatively scheduled for September 9 in DC, to hold a rally against the Iran deal. I think this will be the Republican ticket and they both know it.

I have much faith in a Trump/Cruz administration, which will restore sanity to our government. Trump is a leader and a smart CEO. Cruz is a real Constitutionalist. Together, they are the best and brightest out there.

We need both people now.