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The Donald Watch- “I Made A Commercial For Netanyahu”



Back in March Greta Van Susteren interviewed Donald Trump at the downtown Washington DC post office that he is converting into a hotel. In this off-the-cuff chat, Trump talks about foreign policy, giving his views on the deterioration of US-Israeli relations, nuclear saber-rattling by Russia, the state of America’s nuclear arsenal and, of course, Mexico’s impact on our borders and trade. Very interesting stuff here- the candidate is pretty switched on and clearly does not need a teleprompter to express his conviction that America’s national interest should be the principal concern of foreign policy. I doubt very much that Donald Trump is a conservative. But his nationalist thinking comes across loud and clear. After nearly two decades of American decline- ill-conceived foreign wars, open borders, bad trade pacts, ballooning deficits and Obama’s endless apology tours- it is no wonder why The Donald is resonating so well with a large swathe of the electorate.