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Rep. Trey Gowdy: A Sanctuary for Whom?



This administration’s non-enforcement of our immigration laws has enabled localities to ignore our laws and create benign-sounding things called “sanctuary” cities. But they are anything but benign. Sanctuary cities create gaping holes in our criminal justice system, which leads to deadly consequences for innocent Americans.

The House took one step to stop these dangerous sanctuary policies and passed HR 3009, which would withhold federal law enforcement funding to these cities and localities. I spoke on the House Floor regarding the threat of sanctuary cities to our public safety and the need to act:


HR 3009 is only one step in fixing our broken immigration system. That is why back in February I introduced, and then the Judiciary Committee passed, the Davis-Oliver Act. This legislation strengthens the internal enforcement of our immigration laws in numerous ways. Provisions in HR 1148 include:

  • Ends the President’s unilateral ability to shut off immigration enforcement. Allows state and local law enforcement to enforce their own immigration laws and provides financial assistance to state and local police for equipment and facilities they use for investigating and apprehending aliens violating immigration laws.
  • Targets sanctuary policies. Makes detainers mandatory and prohibits “sanctuary” state and localities from receiving federal law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grants.
  • Increases transparency and holds the Administration accountable. The Administration must report to Congress each year on the number of inadmissible and removable aliens encountered but either not processed for removal or provided with immigration benefits under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion.”
  • Protects communities from dangerous criminal aliens. If a dangerous criminal alien cannot be removed, allows DHS to detain them for longer than 6 months.

More information on provisions of Davis-Oliver Act.