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Obama Must Be Stopped – NOW



Why, DEMOCRATS, was it ok to bash Bush and not be treason, but bashing Obama is? He is an Unconstitutional, traitorous son of a bitch who hates America. His loyalty is to Islam.

You are blind or stupid, and both are dangerous to my liberty. I will continue to call him out in all things which he does which is anti – America.

When, not if, Iran attacks Israel, Jordan and Egypt with its nuclear weapons, will YOU wring your hands and wonder how that happened, or will YOU finally look into the mirror and admit YOU were all [email protected]$$÷$ for voting for this traitorous bastard who played YOU all for fools?

What will it finally take for the Congress and Boehner to do their jobs to Impeach, Arrest and Imprison Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States?  And will YOU finally say it was the right thing to do to save us from the end of America as we know it?

For all his flaws, at least Joe Biden is a Patriot. Have you noticed that he hasn’t been heard from in a long time? He no longer serves as an advantage to the Islamist, so he has been locked away and put on ice.

The time is shorter than you think, because now he wants to take away more rights under the guise that he knows people on Social Security are unable to make reasonable decisions. Today, it is about those on disability. If enacted, it will be all those on any type of Social Security.

What will he come for next? Will it be something YOU treasure, YOU desire? Then what will YOU do? What will YOU say?

I will not stop until he is gone. I promise YOU that.