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Did Obama Just Break the Law on His Own Iran Deal?



Did Obama Just Break the Law on His Own Iran Deal?


Washington, D.C.—Conservative Review is no fan of the Corker-Cardin Iran bill, however, the Obama-Kerry sleight of hand this week blatantly violating this bill should leave Americans stunned. It has just been reported that UN Ambassador Samantha Power plans to submit a 14-page draft resolution to the UN Security Council as early as next week for approval of the Iran deal.

“Obama is reneging on the very essence of the agreement and the bill he signed into law in May – an agreement that to begin with, violates the Senate’s treaty powers.  By taking this deal straight to the Security Council for approval, although the implementation of the deal will not take effect until later this year, Congress would be in violation of international law by rejecting this treaty – if they miraculously mustered the votes in September,” said Daniel Horowitz.


Timeline of Treachery 


MAY 7: Senate passes the Corker-Cardin Iran bill which requires a 60-day period of congressional review restricting Obama from lifting sanctions and it’s author Sen. Cardin stated “Only Congress can remove those sanctions or permanently change it.”


NOWObama is violating even the pathetic terms of the Corker-Cardin bill by preventing Congress from even mustering the two-thirds opposition to the deal. Even Secretary of State John Kerry blatantly and brazenly admitted that they have double-crossed Congress.

Appallingly, the text of the Iran deal takes into account Iran’s parliament for approval of some aspects of the enforcement measures but completely ignores the U.S. Senate.


WHAT’S NEXT: Conservatives must also hold up all nominees and budget bills until Obama agrees to back off his intent to violate the terms of his own unconstitutional agreement with Congress.  Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) is promising to hold up the State Department reauthorization bill as well.

Not only does this deal endanger America and reward those who murdered over a thousand U.S. troops, it represents an urgent and existential threat to Israel.  This deal even contains a provision (page 142) obligating the five western powers to help Iran with their nuclear program and prevent any “sabotage” of their nuclear security – clearly a warning to Israel.




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