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Not So Far Are You All From a Maddening Crowd



Here is a bit of my opinion about the announced Republican Party candidates. Are you trying to have a Romney Redux, where you all attack each other so badly, that the eventual nominee is so bloodied, he or she has no chance to recover from your vitriol?

If that is the case, maybe you should concede now to President O’Malley Clinton, Sanders, Biden, Webb or Warren. Then you can save us all the trouble of witnessing your venom-spewing, backstabbing antics. Oh, and the nightly glee from the Lame Stream Media, as you hold the bonfire of your vanity, with the marshmallows of your messages, torching any remnant left of a once-great party.

That WILL be your legacy to the American people as we remove the last vestiges of a strong two-party system and become The People’s Republic of the United Socialist States of America, with one party to choose from.

I know, I know. Your mother said when you were growing up, “anyone can grow up to be President.” But, she didn’t mean that you should kill your friends in the process. That is what you are doing, gang.

Maybe, just maybe, you should all take stock of your individual chances, compare them to the others in the race, realize who truly has the mettle and stamina, not to mention the message, to survive and back those three or four really strong people to fight for the nomination. Right now, there are more than a dozen announced candidates, and more are expected.

We can’t hear anyone over the din. It is like listening to a ball game on TV or radio, and if it weren’t for the announcer, all you would hear is the background noise of the crowd. Your messages are getting lost.

Please, PLEASE, hear me. I know I am not the only one who sees this. I am sure the Idiot in charge of the DNC is salivating over the anticipated barbecue the Republican Party will be serving up in just over fifteen months. You will be charred, grilled and burned to a crisp if you continue down this path, which does not end up in the Emerald City for you.

Stop paying attention to the daily and weekly polls, in which the questions are all slanted with an expected result. These polls are only as accurate as the designer makes them. You are all smart people; come to a consensus and figure it out.

You don’t need NBC, or Gallup, or the Wall Street Journal to mislead you and pump up your inflated egos, all for their ratings. You are good at what you do, but you are not all presidential material. As a country, we don’t need another four or possibly even eight years of what we have had since January 20, 2009.

Our Constitutional Republic will not survive if any of the current Democrat candidates win. In each case, they will continue or expand upon the Obama policies for the duration of their terms. They have all said that in their own ways.

Is that what YOU want? I sure don’t. So, after the first debate on August 6, after you have your ego stroked, think seriously of your chances and take stock.

We are counting on you to be Great Americans and take one for the party.