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Hillary Clinton Is Guilty Of Treason!

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Hillary Clinton Is Hiding Her Treasonous Activity On A Personal Email Server! Fortunately, Trey Gowdy Has Issued A Subpoena For Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails Related To Benghazi And Libya! Hillary Clinton Must Be Held Accountable For The Benghazi Cover-Up!

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Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She has been involved in treasonous scandals during her tenure as Secretary of State. Fortunately, the truth about Benghazi and Libya is finally coming out. The law clearly states that State Department emails must be preserved on government servers. The use of personal email addresses for official State Department matters is strictly prohibited. Why did Hillary Clinton break the law and feel the need to use a personal email address for Secretary of State business? What is she trying to hide? There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton has a lot of explaining to do! She needs to tell the American people the truth about the American deaths in Benghazi!

There is no question that Hillary Clinton is only motivated by power and political gain. She does not want the truth about Benghazi made public! She knows the truth would damage her career and that is why she is not going to release all the relevant emails related to Benghazi and Libya. Her poll numbers would plummet if Americans read that she told State Department officials to hide evidence and ignore security in Benghazi! Fortunately, Trey Gowdy has issued a subpoena for all of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails related to Libya and Benghazi!

Trey Gowdy is a true conservative patriot. As a member of Congress, he constantly fights to repeal ObamaCare, stop amnesty, and defend the Second Amendment. He knows that balancing the budget and ending job crushing regulations will help restore prosperity in America. As a defender of the Constitution, Trey Gowdy is also determined to stop Common Core and end Obama’s intrusive federal mandates. America needs to re-elect Trey Gowdy to Congress!

Trey Gowdy is not afraid of threats from the leftist machine. America’s future is in jeopardy and Trey Gowdy will fight Obama’s reckless spending no matter what. He knows that fiscal waste and massive deficits pose a huge threat to our children and grand children. The burden from illegal immigration is also a major problem in America. Trey Gowdy wants to balance the budget and secure the borders now!

The Clinton machine views Trey Gowdy as a threat and they will do anything possible to attack him. If conservatives don’t fight back, Trey Gowdy will be replaced by a big government liberal who supports ObamaCare and amnesty. Will you help defend Trey Gowdy from the left?

It would be a disaster for conservatives if Trey Gowdy was defeated. He is one of the few members of Congress who is willing to stand up to the left regardless of the circumstances. If Trey Gowdy is removed from Congress, all conservatives will be in serious danger.

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  1. Joe LoPiccolo

    Mar 14, 2015 at 5:26 am

    Guilty of treason ? That is a gross understatement. In reality, thanks to the despicable sad excuse for a media in America, Hilarious will walk with a mere slap on her privileged wrist. Now, if she were a Conservative, she would have already
    been burned at the stake. Obozo AND the slimy Clinton’s can do NO wrong in the eyes of left-wing elitist liberals and the equally slimy press ! May they all burn in
    Hell !