Ugly Politics: Faced With Losing Senate, Democrats Go Nasty

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Good morning folks,

Things continue to rock for Republicans in 2014. Yesterday Karl Rove predicted that, “It’s highly likely that Republicans pick up the majority.”  But you don’t have to take Karl Rove’s word for it; look no further than former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who admitted that Democrats are “absolutely” in danger of losing the Senate in 2014.  Ken Walsh picks up the story, noting that Gibbs, “added to the chorus of concern when he said the Senate ‘definitely’ could shift to Republican control this fall. ‘…There’s a real, real danger that the Democrats could suffer big losses,’ Gibbs said. He added that, if the Republicans take the Senate and maintain control of the House, the last two years of Obama’s presidency would be badly damaged. ‘If we lose the Senate, turn out the lights,’ Gibbs told NBC Sunday. ‘The party’s over.'” Robert Gibbs is right.

Less than eight months out from Election Day, Republicans are well-positioned not only in red states, but in blue and purple states as well. Look no further than the twitter feeds of our friends over at the DSCC who spent the last few days focused on Republicans in OregonMichigan, New Hampshire, and Colorado rather than Louisiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina.   The fact that Democrats have shifted their attention from Mary Landrieu to Monica Wehby, Mark Begich to Scott Brown shows just how far back on their heels that they are. That desperation leaves us no doubt that Democrats faced with the reality of losing their grip on power will run some of the ugliest, dirtiest, and nastiest campaigns ever before seen. In some places, it has already begun.

First, Senator Mark Pryor attacked decorated army hero Tom Cotton’s post 9/11 military service as “entitled,” causing outrage and protest not only in Arkansas, but even on the airwaves of MSNBC.  In Alaska Mark Begich’s Super PAC and his friends at the DSCC attacked decorated Marine Dan Sullivan’s post 9/11 service as well.  As reported on United Liberty, “Sullivan moved to Washington in 2002, not long after the 9/11 attacks, to work in an advisory role for the National Security Council and the State Department from 2006 to 2009. During this time, he and his family lived in Bethesda, Maryland, but still maintained their residency in Alaska. It’s worth noting that Sullivan has served in the U.S. Marine Corps since 1993 and has been recalled to active duty on three separate occasions, the most recent of which was in July 2013, when he was deployed to Afghanistan. He also spent 17 months in working in Africa working as a strategic advisor to Gen. John Abizaid.  If you’re going to knock a guy for being born and raised in a different state, something over which he had no control, and living in Maryland while serving the nation, why not also bring up the fact that he lived outside the country, too? Oh, wait. It doesn’t fit the wholly misleading narrative that Democrats are trying to create.”  Or, as others fumed, “It’s despicable that national Democrats are so desperate to defend Obama supporter Mark Begich that they’re willing to whitewash a man’s career and record in order to score cheap political points. Democrats must really fear facing Dan Sullivan.”  

As if attacking our veterans wasn’t bad enough male Democratic operatives have all but accused Terri Lynn Land of supporting rape. Land is of course the Republican woman currently winning the Michigan Senate race. If that wasn’t disgusting and arrogant enough, other male operatives at the Democratic Party  in Iowa dedicated a blatantly sexist song (which happened to be about murder) to Republican Joni Ernst, complete with the lyrics, “I’ll feed you aphrodisiac just to get you hot.”  

Over the last two weeks, Democrat candidates and operatives in Washington and across the country have attacked the military service of two decorated heroes, and male Democratic operatives have accused female candidates of supporting rape – even dedicating a song celebrating murder to another. This isn’t an accidental strategy. Democrats believe that the only way left for them to win is to personally destroy their opponents.  If you think these examples are ugly – just wait to see what they do over the next 232 days.

Seize the day,

Brad Dayspring

Brook Hougesen



(2014) Gibbs frets about Dem 2014 chances
The Senate is “definitely” in danger of flipping to Republican control, former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday. Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Gibbs said “there’s no doubt that the rollout for healthcare is still providing a huge hangover” for Democrats. But that’s not the biggest problem that Democrats face as an emboldened GOP seeks to seize six Senate seats and retake the majority for the first time in eight years.

(2014) NRSC Asks CPAC Attendees: Who Are The Ninety Percent??
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Funny video. Once you visit, you can sign up to receive an email at some future point that will have the answer. But if you don’t want to wait, I can give you the answer right now.

(KENTUCKY) McConnell: Here’s how I’d fix the Senate
Over the past several years, those of us who are fortunate enough to serve here have engaged in many fierce debates. Some have been forced upon us by external events, including a searing financial crisis, while others were brought about by an unapologetically liberal president who promised dramatic change, and who has worked very hard to follow through on that pledge – in some cases, even in the face of legal obstacles and widespread public opposition. So change has come: Despite the daily drumbeat of headlines about gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, the truth is, an activist president and a Democrat-controlled Senate have managed to check off an awful lot of items on their wish list, one way or another. And yet just as important as what they did is how they did it, because that’s also been at the heart of so many of the fights we’ve had around here over the past several years.

(MICHIGAN) Senate race in Mich. has Dems nervous
Democrats are facing their toughest Michigan Senate fight in two decades. A sour national political climate, a little-known candidate and big spending by conservative outside groups have given Republicans a real shot at winning an open seat and boosted their chances at seizing Senate control. Republicans had all but written off the Democratic-leaning state last summer after they failed to recruit either Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) or Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) to run, leaving them with former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land (R) as their nominee.

(ARKANSAS) Here’s the difference
Two candidates, two statements “But you don’t see it as a qualification to become a senator?” -Kasie Hunt of NBC News asking Senator Mark Pryor about his opponent’s military record. “Uh, no. There’s a lot of people in the Senate that didn’t serve in the military.”-Senator Pryor, smiling and chuckling. THERE IN capsule form is the difference between the two candidates in this state’s race for the U.S. Senate this year. That difference was made more than crystal clear in an embarrassing interview on MSNBC with the incumbent, Mark Pryor, who not only discounted his opponent’s military service as irrelevant to service in the Senate, but denied it was a qualification at all.

(NEW HAMPSHIRE) Jeanne Shaheen fundraises for Special Interest $$$ on West Coast as she hypocritically offers people’s pledge 
While Scott Brown launched his “listening tour” with six events across New Hampshire on Saturday, Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen raised money in Seattle. The incumbent, along with other female Senate candidates, also went to high-dollar fundraisers in Los Angeles and San Francisco on Friday. Shaheen has spent the past year building her war chest. She raised $1.1 million in the fourth quarter and ended 2013 with $3.4 million cash on hand in her campaign account.

(MONTANA) Senator Walsh: No problem with the way he was appointed
Montana U.S. Senator John Walsh, says his appointment to fill the seat vacated by Max Baucus will help him in his election attempt. But he says it’s only because holding the seat helps him to serve the people of Montana better. On Montana This Morning today Walsh said he had no problems with the way he was appointed and said he trusted Governor Steve Bullock to make the right choice.

(WEST VIRGINIA) Capito Far Ahead in Senate Race
U.S. Rep. Shelley Capito will have every reason to be smiling broadly when she speaks in Wheeling next week. She has a tight lock on the race to succeed Jay Rockefeller in the Senate – and the outlook will get better and better for her as the spring and summer wear on. Capito, the Republican who has served West Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the House of Representatives, will be speaking at noon Tuesday at River City Ale Works in Wheeling. Her visit is part of the West Liberty University Economics Club’s annual speaker series.


Rasmussen Reports – March 14-15, 2014

  • Just 30% expect the president’s health care law to make the health care system better, down a point from the previous two surveys, but in line with findings since the rollout of the law began last fall.
  • Fifty-three percent (53%) expect the health care system to get worse under Obamacare, a finding that has ranged from 48% to 61% in regular surveys since late 2012. Ten percent (10%) now think the health care system will remain about the same.
  • One-in-three U.S. voters now says his or her health insurance coverage has changed as a result of Obamacare, and the same number say the new national health care law had a negative personal impact on them.


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    These Dumpocraps are getting Desperate. Do they Really believe that they can deflect their Supporting of Odumbocare and their “Elitist” ways by attacking the Competition?? The American People are awful tired of the Dumpocraps and their “Elitist” Communistic ways and are Now going to lose some of their Power this year and another Bigger Loss in 2016!! They asked for it, Now they are going to get what they asked for……..Just shows how Childish they can be………..

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    Democrats are subhuman filth.