Venezuela chaos uncomfortable for many on the left and right

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On both sides of the pond there seems to be complete lack of coverage of the Venezuela chaos. The networks are more obsessed with Ukraine than they are the imploding socialist paradise that is to the US’s South.

 This post by Francisco Toro clearly points out the frustration.

“After the major crackdown on the streets of major (and minor) Venezuelan cities last night, I expected some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. I understand that with an even bigger and more photogenic freakout ongoing in an even more strategically important country, we weren’t going to be front-page-above-the-fold, but I’m staggered this morning to wake up, scan the press and find…nothing”

Not even the death of international profile beauty queen in one of the protests has managed much press from the MSM around the world. Good to see her sacrifice for democracy is appreciated by the apologists for socialism in the media.

“Carmona, 22, was photographed being rushed to aid after being shot in the head on Tuesday in the Venezuelan city of Valencia. She was pronounced dead Wednesday .”

And, of course, those who have shilled for Chavez and his replacement are keen to keep it that way. In the UK it has gotten so bad that one politician threatened to sue anyone pointing out he was a shill for chavez.

Fortunately free speech campaigners are calling the idiots out   and ignoring the threats of intimidation.

Then again, it is not only the left that wants this to stay out of the news. None other than head of the American Conservative Union, sponsors of the upcoming CPAC, has ties to Chavez. It seems the scourge of gay-conservatives and libertarians was perfectly happy  to shill for communist Chavez for the right price. So where is the reportage about this leading light of the right and Venezuela? In the same place and coverage of the turmoil.

“ACU Chairman Al Cardenas’s web of relationships with Hugo Chavez’s cronies goes back for years and extends to defence of individuals involved in fraud, theft, and money laundering. The day before yesterday,”

The lack of coverage of the chaos in Venezuela is a disgrace and shows just how much pull the social democratic left has on the media. What you bet they would be all over it like a rash if the Maduro was deemed “far right”.




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  1. eBuzzd

    Feb 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Looks beautiful to me. Wish it would happen in Hellmerica

    • IvanRider

      Feb 21, 2014 at 6:53 pm

      In some places, it almost is Hell. So that’s hardly funny. But yes, the civil cold war here is in some ways worse than an actual civil war. In the latter, at least the bloodletting would begin. The way it is now, that blood simply fills with poison on both sides.

  2. Pedro G

    Feb 26, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    First, I would like to thank you for spreading the word on the Venezuelan crisis. Venezuela, was the country where I was born and raised. Now, I am an American citizen and I have been in this wonderful country almost half my life. I am not in favor of socialism or communism or whatever we have in here right at this moment, and here is the why:

    In your opening about the Caracas Chronicle you wrote “All you lovers of Socialism here in America better pay close attention. This is what happens in Socialist countries. This is what will happen here if our current infatuation with Socialism is not thrown off. We stand is solidarity with the Venezuelan people as we bring you this story from the Caracas Chronicle.

    America, you are seeing your own future.”

    As we all know extremes are not good and the best should be something in balance. The reason why Venezuela got to this point, and this is what you really need to see in your future, was the lack of equality. When I was a kid Venezuela was starting a democracy coming from a dictatorship, but in Venezuela back then you could go to a hospital and the services were “free” (they were actually deducted from your paycheck as we do here medicare), education to even university level is free or private, you can choose. So, if a med student choose free, then once that person graduate it will work for a hospital certain amount of hours and so on… it can be done and everyone would be happy. But coming back to why Venezuela is where it is right now… It was a punishing vote, yes people vote for a guy (Chavez) who come out of nowhere, was no one (Only known for trying to overthrow the government), this guy came in a time when the people was getting tired of the political games and their politicians (we used to have two main political parties just like here and they will switch power every 5 years). Politicians started to pay more attention to their friends (Corporations) and supporters to than the people, middle class was in a process of disappearing and the rich was getting richer (Since they own the corporations)… Here my friends is were we have to be our own future in the great USA. They stop taking care of the PEOPLE, it is not a handout, it is not the free medicine, it is the people… any of us could be in that boat at any point in time.

    After a punishing vote, we got an unpredictable guy and here turn into a socio-communist, were he literally said that been rich was bad, but he and his family were really bad, they and all the followers (power starved) got rich by stealing anything and everything they could. Now, Venezuela has a new set of rich people, people that got rich by a position on the new government, not like the rich we used to have that come from working or family fortunes, no this are the thieves called socialist and like everyone unprepared to do a job right when they do not know the job they follow the same road that they predecessors. They got blind by the riches and how easy was to take them and forgot again about the PEOPLE. Now, is the people that is tired the one that are taking them down.
    So, I hope that you my fellow American think a little bit harder when you say that a healthcare program to help that 98% is socialism. BTW, Canada has a very balance government and I have never heard of any revolts there.
    I hope I didn’t loose you in my lines