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The Obama administration has weaponized government



Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, coined that wonderful phrase “weaponized government”. She and her businesses had never been audited by the IRS, visited by a government regulatory agency before 2010 when she filed for tax exempt status. Fifteen years of being ignored by the government.

Within months of filing True the Vote, the alphabet soup of agency visits started. Her family and her businesses have been subject to more than 15 audits of various types. Coincidence? She certainly doesn’t think so and neither do we.

It’s very obvious that Democrats are running scared over this issue. They thought they could use the power of the regulatory and taxing agencies to silence conservatives, and while it certainly worked before the 2012 election cycle, they’ve discovered that they have started a war on women conservatives that they will regret.

Ms. Engelbrecht is now taking the fight right to the Obama administration, the agencies that have been harassing her, and the Congress. We don’t expect her to back down and do not expect her to lose this battle.

It’s a sign of just how desperate Democrats are that they are pushing for an investigation of J. Russell George, the IRS Inspector General who issued the report that outed the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups. The Obama administration has a history of targeting Inspectors General who have criticized actions of agencies.

You’re seeing the reason that November is so very important, perhaps the most important election in the history of the nation. If Republicans can increase their majority in House and, more importantly, take the Senate, we have the opportunity to have joint House & Senate committees investigate the IRS and what really happened at Benghazi.

Will the Republican Leadership form joint committees to investigate the administration? We can’t say for sure, and there is every reason to be cynical. On the other hand, if Democrats retain control of the US Senate there will be no expanded investigations and our Imperial President will continue his ways absolutely unhindered for the remainder of his term.

Impeachment is not the answer, it will not happen. There aren’t 67 votes in the Senate and there won’t be 67 votes in the Senate if the Republicans win every contested seat. Having the US military arrest the President for whatever charges is not an option, we are a democratic republic, not a military junta. Anyone, repeat, anyone, who is pushing these two options given the current political climate is an ignorant fool. The important thing to do is to reestablish the rule of law in the nation and then to work to downsize the government.

It’s a war folks. Time to get off the couch and serve the nation. Time to get involved.


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