Wendy Davis (D-TX) is lying, media is ignoring the lies

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Wendy Davis - CaricatureLying. The Websters’ definition needs to be modified to note that Democrats are incapable of doing it. At least according to the actions of the US media.

Our latest example isn’t even a member of the Obama administration, although since every member we’ve heard in public has lied so often it’s old hat. Our latest example? None other than Wendy Davis, the Democrats (and the media’s) great female hope to turn Texas blue, has been running from interview to interview spouting outright lies about her history so the media can paint her as a “self-made heroine”.

Davis, you’ll remember, is the legislator who conducted a short filibuster against “anti-woman, anti-choice” legislation in the Texas Senate last year. The legislation in question was flagged for racist designation by the national media because it required abortion clinics to pass the same standards as any other kind of surgical clinic in the state. It was also supported by about 80% of Texans. It also eventually passed and was signed into law by the Governor.

We’ve reported on Wendy before. She is really great at raising campaign money in New York City and California. We would humbly suggest that she should run for governor in New York or California because she’s not so good – awe heck, she’s really bad – at raising campaign funds in Texas where she’s actually running.

Ms. Davis is back in the news and she’s doing what Democrats do, she’s lying.

Progressives just love a good “up from the poor” story. Wendy has one, although it seems the real story is a tad different than what really happened. But heck, Democrats don’t let those fact thingys get in the way of a good yarn. The Dallas News has done a good job of digging up the facts.


Wendy Davis has made her personal story of struggle and success a centerpiece of her campaign to become the first Democrat elected governor of Texas in almost a quarter-century.

While her state Senate filibuster last year captured national attention, it is her biography — a divorced teenage mother living in a trailer who earned her way to Harvard and political achievement — that her team is using to attract voters and boost fundraising.

The basic elements of the narrative are true, but the full story of Davis’ life is more complicated, as often happens when public figures aim to define themselves. In the shorthand version that has developed, some facts have been blurred.

Davis was 21, not 19, when she was divorced. She lived only a few months in the family mobile home while separated from her husband before moving into an apartment with her daughter.

A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

In an extensive interview last week, Davis acknowledged some chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said about her life.

“My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”


Some chronological errors. Incomplete details.

Now just watch the major media outlets jump all over this story and bury her candidacy. Oops, she’s a Democrat. This won’t go much farther than your humble Curmudgeon.

The good part of this story is that this particular lying candidate is in Texas. We’re expecting Ms. Davis to get crushed come November.

The even better news is that the progressives who tolerate this crap will send the Davis campaign a ton of money in the hopes of turning Texas blue.


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  1. bikerdogred1

    Jan 21, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

  2. Nico

    Jan 21, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Dumb cunt

  3. louisvillecard

    Jan 21, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I wonder how much the newspaper was awarded when they damaged her mental health? I also wonder what was wrong with her mental health? She does sound like she’s off a kilter or so.

  4. Richard Rawleigh

    Jan 22, 2014 at 5:16 am

    she got a boob job and attracted a lonely attorney to marry her and then slept her way into office ………..whats new?