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Credibility Crisis is Political Poison for Desperate Democrats



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So far about five million Americans could have their health insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare, and it is looking as though total ObamaCare enrollment will be less than half that number when the ball drops on 2013. According to Bloomberg’s Megan McArdle, “this means that we may well start the year with fewer people insured than we had in January 2013.”  Brutal.

But the problem for Democrats on the ballot in 2014 is bigger than just ObamaCare. Yes, the problems with the law (and there are many) are a political problem, but the blatant dishonesty that the implementation of ObamaCare has exposed is political poison.  As Michael Goodwin succinctly explains in the New York Post, “Consider that it now appears that not a single major promise made about the law will turn out to be credible. When it comes to delivering the product as sold, there’s no there there. In private business, that’s called fraud.”

Fraud.  Tough words, but extremely accurate. Vulnerable incumbent Senate Democrats – from Kay Hagan to Jeff Merkley, Mary Landrieu to Mark Pryor, Jeanne Shaheen to Mark Begich all lied to their constituents.   With that in mind, it’s for good reason that the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza explains that this ad, “Like Your Senator,” exposing Jeanne Shaheen’s lie is one that every Democrat should fear.  He writes, “The ad can be replicated in virtually every single state where an endangered Democratic Senator (or House member) is running.  Find footage of said member praising Obamacare, followed by noting the ‘lie of the year’ award and then follow it up with how many people in the state/district had their policies canceled because of the ACA.”  

Yes, ObamaCare is unpopular, and yes that will hurt Democrats in 2014.  But their problems are far greater than just ObamaCare – Democrats have a credibility crisis.  Voters don’t trust them or believe anything they have to say.

Seize the day,

Brad Dayspring

Brook Hougesen


(2014) The ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014
The ad, which was produced by GOP media consultant Larry McCarthy, hits all of the high notes. It uses footage of Shaheen using the “if you like your insurance you can keep it” line while noting on screen that President Obama was given the “lie of the year” by PolitiFact for saying the same thing. A narrator points out that 20,000 New Hampshire residents have had their insurance canceled and that the Affordable Care Act offers only a single provider on the state’s individual market.   The ad ends with this dagger of a line: “Next November, if you like your Senator, you can keep her. If not, you know what to do.” Oomph.

(NEW HAMPSHIRE) Shaheen’s Bad Week
Jeanne Shaheen, the Democratic senator from New Hampshire who faces re-election next year, isn’t having a very good week. And it’s only Tuesday. First came news that a conservative super PAC is targeting her in a new ad that highlights the senator’s past support for ObamaCare. “On health care, Jeanne Shaheen didn’t tell the truth,” says the narrator. Next, we’re treated to 2009 footage of the lawmaker on the Senate floor declaring, “If you like your health care, you can keep it.” The television spot could resonate in a state where most people oppose the health care law, according to polls. But an even bigger potential problem for the incumbent is Republican Scott Brown.

(MONTANA) DSCC’s candidate either doesn’t know how ObamaCare works or is lying to voters
In an interview with MTN News, Walsh outlined his stance on various issues, including the Affordable Care Act. He reiterated a concern raised repeatedly by Republicans as well as by his chief rival in Montana’s Democratic Senate primary, former Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger — that despite President Obama’s well-known promise to the contrary, tens of thousands of Montanans were losing coverage because of Obamacare. “People that had health care coverage are being dropped from their coverage. To me, that’s unacceptable,” he said. “The intent was, is that all our citizens were able to have quality affordable healthdcare and if you had health care coverage, why should they be dropped? That’s going against what the intent of the law is. So we need to make sure, from my perspective, the citizens of Montana that have health care, that they’re able to keep their health coverage, and not be dropped from it.”

(ALASKA) Ad blasts Mark Begich over judge votes
The conservative Judicial Crisis Network will begin airing an ad in Alaska on Wednesday attacking Sen. Mark Begich (D) for voting to confirm President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees.The 30-second spot, shared first with POLITICO, comes in the wake of the vulnerable freshman backing Majority Leader Harry Reid on invoking the nuclear option, which lowered the Senate voting threshold to confirm judges. The group said it will spend more than $100,000 airing the commercial across Alaska, which Obama lost by 14 points last year.

(LOUISIANA) An ObamaCare Senator’s Panic Mode
Since the passage of Obamacare, Landrieu’s approval ratings have sharply declined and show little to no sign of recovery. Recent polls indicate that Louisianans feel Mary Landrieu “is more concerned about President Obama’s priorities than those of the people she is supposed to represent.” Her ending time as senator is close at hand due to the ominous legislation enforced upon her citizenry in violation of Americans’ freedoms that warrant safeguarding.

(MINNESOTA) MNsure executive director resigns after Costa Rican vacation, computer issues
A Costa Rican vacation gave MNsure’s executive director a permanent break from her job. April Todd-Malmlov handed her resignation to the MNsure board Tuesday night after publicity about the trip she and another state official took before Thanksgiving. The trip came at a time when her agency was entering the final few weeks that Minnesotans could buy health insurance so it is effective Jan. 1. The vacation was just one of several problems Todd-Malmlov faced in recent weeks. MNsure computer problems since the program launched Oct. 1 have drawn regular headlines as Minnesotans reported that they could not buy insurance.


CBS News/New York Times – December 5-8

  • Just 15% of insured Americans think ObamaCare will help them personally, and only 33% of the uninsured believe it will help them.
  • More uninsured Americans think ObamaCare  will hurt them (37%).  32% of insured Americans say it’ll hurt them.
  • More Americans continue to disapprove (50%) than approve (39%) of ObamaCare.
  • Americans without health insurance (53%) are just as likely as those with insurance (51%) to disapprove of ObamaCare.


@WardBaker – This is the ad every Democrat should be scared of in 2014

@brianjameswalsh – The DSCC’s chosen candidate in Montana is either totally ignorant of how ObamaCare works or is misleading voters.

‏@NRSC – Congratulations to @SenMarkPryor for winning PolitiFact’s “Lie Of The Year”   #ARsen

@TheFix – Rob Ford dancing? Yes, please!


(CBS NEWS) Poll: Both uninsured, insured skeptical about Obamacare
Skepticism about the health care law extends to both insured and uninsured Americans, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Both groups disapprove of the law overall, and while the uninsured are more positive about the law’s personal impact than those with insurance, more still think the law will hurt rather than help them. CBS News and The New York Times interviewed 702 adults who do not have health insurance for this poll. Just 15 percent of insured Americans think the health care law will help them personally, but that number rises to 33 percent among the uninsured. Still, more uninsured Americans think the health care law will hurt them (37 percent).  Thirty-two percent of insured Americans say it’ll hurt them.  Overall, 46 percent feel it will have no effect (49 percent of insured Americans, 27 percent of uninsured).

(NEW YORK TIMES) Tech Leaders and Obama Find Shared Problem: Fading Public Trust
President Obama met with top technology industry executives on Tuesday to discuss two seemingly distinct controversies: a faulty health care website, and the digital surveillance practices of the National Security Agency. The meeting started with an announcement by Mr. Obama that he was reaching into the ranks of Microsoft, the software giant, to select Kurt DelBene as the next person to run But the focus quickly turned from the health care site to the concerns of Apple, Microsoft, Google and other technology companies about the spying efforts, the latest illustration of the strained relationship between an industry and a White House that had long been close.

(CNN) Private exchanges: Obamacare shopping still not ready
Private health insurance exchanges still are not able to directly enroll consumers in subsidized health plans offered through Obamacare even though the government has said problems doing so should have been cleared up weeks ago. Executives from three online health exchanges that contract with both insurance companies and government agencies to enroll consumers eligible for federal subsidies in marketplace plans say the process still isn’t ready to go and that more work remains.

(POLITICO) The Reboot
When President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, approached John Podesta a few weeks ago about taking over the high-aggravation job of White House counselor, the biggest concern wasn’t that he would say no. After all, he had already done so twice before. Obama’s team was more worried that Podesta would say no and that word of his rejection would leak, making the White House look feckless and desperate at the end of Obama’s brutal fifth year in office. So, the circle of people in the know was kept to a small handful; it was so closely held that even the perpetually plugged-in “Davids”—Obama confidants Axelrod and Plouffe—weren’t consulted.


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