Bozell Blasts ABC, CBS, and NBC for Censoring MI Union Violence

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ALEXANDRIA, VA –ABC, CBS, and NBC have suppressed news coverage of violent assaults perpetrated by union thugs in Michigan on Tuesday. The networks deliberately ignored widely available footage of Fox News Contributor Steven Crowder being punched in the face by a union member and union protesters tearing down a tent erected by Americans for Prosperity while people were still inside.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts:

“The pro-union broadcast networks are deliberately censoring footage of thuggish union violence directed at conservatives. If a Tea Partier had physically assaulted a liberal journalist or ripped down a structure occupied by a liberal organization all on video, the footage would be broadcast on an endless loop. ABC, CBS, and NBC have a responsibility to the American people to expose what’s really happening in Michigan. Their double standard is absolutely outrageous.

Both Steven Crowder and Americans for Prosperity should press charges on the parties responsible for these assaults, and they should be prosecuted. ABC, CBS, and NBC may be willing to turn a blind eye to union violence, but the unions are not above the law.

President Obama had every right to support the unions during the onset of these protests, but now that they’ve been caught on tape perpetrating vicious physical assaults, he has an even greater responsibility to denounce them swiftly, publicly, and severely.”

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  1. wheels

    Dec 12, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    Don’t be too harsh on these low I.Q., feeble minded group mentality folks. After all someone with an I.Q. 5points higher
    came along and convinced them they should have to give away part of a pay check (protection?) to hold onto a job. In most States I believe that might be considered extortion. Handing over money to the union boss sure did a bunch of good for 18,000 Hostess employees! The Head Honcho on that deal is still drawing his salary, but the union workers………