Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Spending Cuts

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New Survey Data Shows That ‘Three In Four Voters Want To Cut Government Spending Across The Board’


76 Percent: ‘Cut Government Spending Across The Board’


“For the first time, after the fiscal cliff dominated the conversation during the month following the election, government spending and the budget deficit narrowly edged out ‘the economy’ as the most important issue to voters.” (Politico, 12/10/12)


Battleground Poll: “Three in four voters want to ‘cut government spending across the board’ …” (Politico, 12/10/12)


·         Q: “Do you favor or oppose this proposal to reduce the federal budget deficit? … Cutting government spending across the board: Favor Strongly – 59%; Favor Somewhat – 17%.” (“Battleground 2012,” 12/2-6/12)


‘59 Percent Reject’ WH Demand For Unlimited Debt Power


The Hill Poll: “Strong majorities, however, oppose proposals that have been part of early talks — particularly Obama’s request for unilateral authority to raise the debt ceiling. According to the poll, 59 percent reject the president’s demand that Congress give up power to set the country’s borrowing limit.” (The Hill, 12/10/12)

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  1. wheels

    Dec 10, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Do any of you out in never land really think nobama has any intention of listening to what you or I think is the proper thing to do. Hell No HE Won’t! He and his backers have their agenda to accomplish and it will only stop with the total destruction of the US of A. He can’t tank the dollar if he doesn’t
    keep spending. He has to spend to be able to show a need to
    borrow which puts the US deeper in debt. Doesn’t take a genius to see what he is trying to accomplish.