Time to Fight Like Democrats

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The Wizard of Odd

Allowing the New York Times to safeguard the Republican party’s best interest is like inviting a gaggle of monkeys to guard your banana tree.
The New York Times told us to nominate McCain.  We nominated McCain.  The New York Times told us to nominate Romney.  We nominated Romney.  And now Bill Kristol (formerly of the New York Times) is telling us to raise taxes on the rich.  I don’t understand the unholy ether that exists between the New York Times and Republican minds, but it’s getting a little eerie.  Before they start hypnotizing us into believing that a tax-raising, fiscal-cliff compromise is in our best interest, let’s set the record straight:  It isn’t.

Professional thug and mustachioed mongoloid Dick “No neck” Trumka recently asserted that the fiscal cliff is a “manufactured crisis.”  For once, he’s correct.  Its creation was one of the few bipartisan areas of agreement over the past four years.  And why was the fiscal cliff created?  Because America’s debt has become an existential threat.  It was created because, as terrible as the proposed cuts are, the status quo is worse.  The fiscal cliff crisis was manufactured because there is a very real fiscal crisis underway that has gone entirely unaddressed by America’s twice-elected commander-in-chief.

Despite his title, our commander-in-chief isn’t terribly fond of leading.

Back in 2009, President Obama introduced America to the trillion dollar budget.  America found the introduction unpleasant and unnerving.  In an effort to avoid such unpleasant moments in the future, Obama decided that America didn’t need a budget for the next three years.  And today – six trillion dollars and another generation’s mortgaged dreams later – the New York Times and President Obama insist that the Republicans need to compromise.

How about . . . No?

Revenue isn’t the problem.  Spending is.

Instead of scouring their playbook for the least humiliating method of capitulation, Republicans should finally call Obama’s bluff.  Paul Krugman is accusing the GOP of holding America hostage.  Fine.  Hand the gun to the president.  Republicans should take to the airwaves and tell the nation that they will not raise taxes.  Make the fiscal case to the American people.  Tell them that Obama has spent six trillion dollars of their grandchildren’s money.  He’s not taxing the rich.  He’s taxing eight year-olds, five year-olds, newborn babies.
Since JFK, Republicans have heard Democrats make promises of nebulous future spending cuts.  Conservative politicians have been raising the debt ceiling for generations.  If they were waiting for a major crisis to finally restore fiscal sanity, they’re in luck.

Here’s a novel idea, Mr. Boehner:  Have the Democrats make entitlement cuts on the nebulous promise of future revenue increases.  See how that works, John?  It’s not voodoo.  It’s what the Democrats have been doing to the GOP since you were born.

The beautiful thing about “Rules for Radicals” is that it works both ways.  Saul Alinsky admitted as much.

For as long as anyone can remember, Democrats have accused Republicans of heartlessness because we oppose endless entitlements.  Switch it around!  Accuse the Democrats of mugging kids, of selling out the next generation.  It’s a stronger argument.  We can beat them at their own game.

For the last four years, we’ve witnessed Obama at his community-organizing, agitating best.  Learn from the master.  By now, we should know the drill:  Freeze it.  Personalize it.  Polarize it.  Barack Obama is robbing America’s children.  He’s breaking open piggy banks and handing fistfuls of cash to the unions.  He’s swiping food from the mouths of American kids and spoon-feeding it to giggling Chinamen.  Get some saucer-eyed little kids to beg Obama to stop.  Make posters.  Blanket the airwaves with ads.

At the moment, Republicans seem to fear that, if they oppose tax increases, Obama will accuse them of being the party of the rich.  Aside from the mindless snivelry of this approach, has the GOP leadership ever heard the president speak?  Obama has been spewing class-warfare agitprop with every waking breath since he was in diapers.  There is no conceivable concession that would make him stop.  So why does his rhetoric suddenly matter now?

Yes, elections have consequences.  The GOP must publicly acknowledge this.  They can show their deference by giving Obama the negotiation reins.  He doesn’t want the reins.  He’d much rather refuse a series of Republican offers.  (That’s how radicals operate – just like the autoworkers unions didn’t want to be in charge of General Motors.  They wanted someone to buy GM, so that they could organize against the new establishment.)  Give him the reins anyway.  Go directly to the American people.  Tell them that the GOP is willing to discuss additional revenue after the president proposes spending cuts.  Put Obama in the driver’s seat.  Make him lead.

Demanding fiscal responsibility is in the GOP’s best interest.  Making the case for solvency and economic strength and America’s future is in the GOP’s best interest.  As always, taking a firm stand on conservative principles is in the GOP’s best interest.  We should ask Americans to choose their children’s future over the present.  We should draw a line in the sand.  Who knows?  We’ve never tried it before.  It just might work.

We can win this.  But to win, we have to fight to win.  Ask yourself, what would Democrats do?

Tell the president that America’s children deserve fiscal responsibility.  Ask President Obama to state his priorities so the world can see.  Demand it.  Don’t budge an inch until he offers entitlement cuts.  Then refuse it.  Tell him it’s not enough.  Call him heartless.  Tell him that he doesn’t care about American children.
Then ask for more.


  1. donald reed

    Nov 28, 2012 at 10:23 am

    I have said this before, tell the truth, fight them with the proven facts.
    The libs can not fight back effectively when faced with the proven facts and the truth. All they have left is the name calling and lies.
    Use their own economist statements against them, as well as their own promises and statements.
    You don`t have to accuse them of crimes, which we know they have committed, just be completely honest with the American people. Just point out clearly the libs lies, and verify what you are saying.
    That is in a nut shell how you beat them at their own game.
    Honesty and thruthfulness verified. VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY!!!!!!!

  2. wheels

    Nov 28, 2012 at 12:03 pm