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Nanny State: Obamacare Now Regulating Pizza



Section 4205 of PPACA (ObamaCare) requires any pizzeria, grocery, or convenience store with more than 20 locations to post calorie information in their store on menu boards. The way the bill is written, Dominos, for example, will have to write out the caloric information for 34 million different pizza combinations (yes, they’ve done the math on that). The OMB ranked this rule as the third most costly rule enacted during FY 2010 since it will cost each store up to $4000. It looks like the FDA is set to put the rule into effect any time during the Lame Duck session.

This is the proposed FDA menu board:

And this is what the new Domino’s menu would look like:

Key Points:

  • This regulation has nothing to do with advancing consumer health and everything to do with financially punishing small businesses, not something a country trying to get its economy moving again needs.
  • If this regulation goes through as written, Domino’s, for example, would be required to provide calorie information for all of their 34 million pizza combinations (yes, they counted up all the different combinations) in every one of their 5,000 U.S. locations.
  • The required signage could cost upwards of $4,700 a year, per store location. Many of these stores are small, family-owned businesses. Coughing up almost $5000 for something like this will hurt.
  • Domino’s, already committed to nutritional awareness, provides its customers with a comprehensive online Cal-o-meter.
  • For many pizza lovers, it’s a shared meal so the calorie count of an entire pizza is not beneficial for one person.
  • The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ranked this menu labeling regulation as the third most costly rule enacted during FY 2010.

Here’s an Op-Ed from Dominos SEO Patrick Doyle:

Here’s a release from the American Pizza Community, a coalition of pizza chains that wants to overturn and replace this rule:

We must stop this Nanny State intrusion before it devastates this country!!!

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