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Update On Key Senate Races: #MASen, #VASen, #CTSen, #WISen



In Massachusetts, things are getting increasingly desperate for Professor Elizabeth Warren as polls show her trailing Scott Brown and the Boston Globe reports this morning that Warren is preparing to go hard negative.  Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — amid growing unrest from party activists and leaders — is facing pressure to make a major shift in her television advertising with a new series of commercials that seek to soften her image, while focusing more directly on her GOP rival, Senator Scott Brown.   According to top Democratic leaders in Massachusetts, Warren campaign advisers are considering a new strategy that will be aimed at toning down what those leaders call the preachy tone that has dominated her ads until now…[T]he consensus is that Brown has won the TV ad war to date. His feel-good spots, often shot with familiar Massachusetts scenes, show him driving his pick-up truck, rubbing shoulders with firemen, and receiving strong words of support from a Massachusetts Medal of Honor winner.   Dan Payne, a longtime state Democratic media consultant, called Brown’s ads “organic’’ to Massachusetts, while Warren’s, he said, do not seem to connect with the local scene.   “Brown looks and acts like a Massachusetts political figure,’’ Payne says. “He is engaged with people and their problems. Her commercials could be for any Democratic candidate for Senate anywhere in America. They feel like cookie-cutter. There is no feeling in those ads that she is even in Massachusetts.’’


  • And Scott Brown responded quickly to today’s Boston Globe report….


In Virginia, Republican George Allen released a new statewide television ad titled “Envision,” featuring George Allen’s vision for a better future through key solutions found in his Blueprint for America’s Comeback.   “George Allen is optimistic about America’s future because he understands that the greatness of America is in its people and communities,” said Mike Thomas, Campaign Manager for George Allen for U.S. Senate.

  • And the Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that George Allen criticized President Obama and Chairman Kaine’s proposed defense cuts, which will kill jobs in Virginia.  Republican Senate candidate George Allen, campaigning at the gate to Newport News Shipbuilding on Tuesday, said shipyard jobs are in jeopardy if across-the-board budget cuts are allowed to take effect in January 2013.“The sequestration cuts could slow down everything they’re doing here,” Allen said. “Clearly it could slow down funding for carriers or even for that matter some of the maintenance work that’s done here. It’s going to be truly devastating to our military readiness as well as 200,000 jobs here in Virginia.”


In Connecticut, The Day reports that Linda McMahon’s aggressive and disciplined campaign is keeping Democrat Chris Murphy “on the ropes.”  The Greenwich millionaire transformed her March deficit into a three-point lead over Murphy last month in the latest Quinnipiac University poll. She managed to reduce her once-high unfavorable ratings to 35 percent.  Day-to-day, McMahon is keeping Murphy on the defensive with repeated assertions about his congressional hearing attendance record, missed payments on his home mortgage, and other claims.  With less than two months before Nov. 6, some Murphy supporters are getting nervous about whether he can handle the WWE mogul’s offensive surge.  “It’s time for him to get on the move here,” former Republican governor and U.S. senator Lowell P. Weicker Jr. of Old Lyme said this week. “I think Chris Murphy’s been giving her a free pass and I don’t think that’s very smart.”  “I’m nervous for him,” said Raymond Trebisacci, chairman of Stonington’s Democratic Town Committee. “As far as it goes down here in this corner of the state, she’s getting better recognition.”  Politics professor Gary Rose of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, a neutral observer of the race, said McMahon is running a strategic campaign that has “put him on the ropes.”


  • From top political analyst Stu Rothenberg – @StuPolitics  – DSCC $320,000 media buy in CT starting tomorrow shows Connecticut Senate is a serious race. GOPers guardedly hopeful.


  • And this morning the McMahon campaign released an infographic that plainly connects the dots of “Murphy’s Law.” From being sued for not paying his rent in 2003 to the $400 million bailout he supported for “strong campaign supporter”/contributor/home loan provider Webster Bank in 2008, the infographic outlines Congressman Murphy’s chronic refusal to play by the same set of rules as the rest of us. 



In Wisconsin, Politico’s Morning Score reports that Tommy Thompson is up with a new ad discussing his accomplishments for the people of Wisconsin.

In Maine, Breitbart reports on how Angus King is trying to deceive Mainers on his record as GovernorJust what “things” did he get done? By the time he left office, Maine had a $1 billion budget shortfall, according to the Portland Press Herald on December 22, 2002. He increased spending by 53% during his time in office, according to the Office of Fiscal & Program Review. Even the Democratic governor who succeeded him only raised spending by 13%. By the end of his governorship, Maine had one of the highest tax burdens in the nation according to the Portland Press Herald, July 26, 2001. King has described the $1 billion deficit he left to the state as a “theoretical budget gap.”


In Ohio, National Public Radio reports that Crossroads GPS is launching a new ad that reminds voters of Sherrod Brown’s job-killing record.  A super PAC affiliated with Karl Rove is launching more than a million dollars worth of attack ads against Ohio’s Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown. … “I think one of the reasons we’re tied in the polls is because Sherrod Brown is running negative campaign about pessimism and division and trying to tear me down, while we’re running a positive energetic campaign about change in Washington.  And I think voters are pretty tired of hearing Sherrod Brown whine about this and that. I think it’s time for Sherrod Brown to put his big boy pants on. If he wants to run for Senate, he should stop whining and tell people what he stands for.”

  • Meanwhile, the Dayton Daily News reports that Sherrod Brown’s job-killing policies are hurting small business owners in the Buckeye State.  Republican Josh Mandel focused on jobs, taxes and business regulations Tuesday, as he made the case for his U.S. Senate campaign in a visit to the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. … Speaking to local business leaders, Mandel said he would be a better friend to business, saying that Brown earned the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s lowest rating.  “The policies of Sherrod Brown and others in Washington are treating these small-business owners as if they’re guilty until proven innocent,” Mandel said.  “We can’t be for job creation and then vilify, with overly burdensome regulations and overly complicated tax code, those men and women who are laying it all on the line to grow these companies.”


  • Finally, the Newark Advocate reports that Mandel toured the Velvet Ice Cream Company in Licking County.  State Treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Josh Mandel returned to Licking County Tuesday, stopping at the Velvet Ice Cream Company for a tour.  Mandel shook hands with customers at Ye Olde Mill restaurant and grabbed a cone of Rasberry Fudge Cordial ice cream for the road.  Luconda Dager, president of Velvet Ice Cream, said she invited Mandel to visit after hearing him speak to the Ohio Grocers Association.  “His energy was contagious,” she said. “It was exciting to have Josh here.”

In Arizona, the Arizona Daily Star reports that most pundits believe that Jeff Flake is the clear favorite over Democrat Richard Carmona. 
Most pundits consider Flake the clear front-runner, thanks in large part to that 180,000 advantage in registered Republican voters. Two websites that specialize in making predictions — Sabato’s Crystal Ball and the Rothenberg Political Report — have Arizona’s Senate race “leaning” Republican. Those predictions fall short of the more bold, “Safe Republican” rating, but keep the race out of the “toss up” zone.


  • Meanwhile, the Payson Roundup writes that Jeff Flake expressed his concern surrounding the Wallow Fire burn area.  Republican Rep. Jeff Flake at least raised the issue during a swing through northern Arizona that included a stop on the edge of the Wallow Fire burn area.  He correctly pointed out that the survival of rural communities like Payson depends on a fundamental shift in Forest Service management of the forest. He also correctly pointed out that red tape and arcane, inflexible rules have stalled that shift in policy.

In Indiana, reports that the Susan B. Anthony List endorsed Richard Mourdock in his race for Senate.  “Votes have consequences and it’s time to send Joe Donnelly home like the rest of those representatives who failed to stand up with the unborn and pro-life taxpayers. Hoosier families are looking for a principled pro-life leader like Richard Mourdock in the U.S. Senate. Mourdock will be a strong voice for the unborn and women in Washington,” Dannenfelser added.

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